Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Sefer Sheloshah Asar.Sefer Moshe Stekelis/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Thirteen: Moshe Stekelis Memorial Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, in cooperation with The Institutte of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1977. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xvi, 128, 296 pp., b/w photos, drawings and plans, xiv, xviii b/w plates. Very Good. Item #95993

Articles in Hebrw are "Prof. Moshe Stekelis - In Memoriam," O. Bar-Yosef, "Bibliography of the Writings of Moshe Stekelis," E. Rosenbacher, "Fifty Years of Prehistric Investigations in Eretz-Yisrael," O. Bar-Yosef, "Neolithic Sites in the Western Coastal Plain," T. Noy, "Giv'at Ha-Parsa - A Neolithic Site in the Coastal Region," Y. Olami, F. Burian and E. Friedman, "Pottery from the Chalcolithic Site Near Tell Delhamiya and Some Notes on the Character of the Chalcolithic Early Bronze I. Transition," R. Amiran, "Neolithic and Chalcolithic Remanis at Lod," J. Kaplan, "Bet She'an in the Chalcolithic Period," N. Tsori, "An Early Bronze Age Cylinder-Seal from Gezer," A. Ben-Tor, "Fortified Settlements from the Early Bronze and Middle Bronze II at Tell Poran," R. Gophna, "The Nature of Settlement in the Middle Bronze IIA, and the Problem of the apheq Fortifications," Y. Yadin, "Tel Haror," Y. Aharoni, "New Moabite and Ammonite Seals at the Israel Museum," N. Avigad. Articles in Non-Hebrew Languages are "Moseh Stekelis - In Memoriam," Ofer Bar-Yosef, "Paeaeo-Envirnoment of Pleiastocene Man in the Levant," William R. Farrand, "The Pleistocene Stratigraphy of the Jordan Valley," Aharon Horowitz, "Bone Toolsofthe Earlier Pleistocene," J. Desmond Clark, "Some Metrical Studies of Acheulian asemblages in Israel," David Gilead, "Que sont le Pre-Aurignacien et la Iabroudien?" Francois Bordes, Acheuliean Indistries from 'Evron on the Western Galilee Coastal Plain," David Gilead and Avraham Ronen, "A Preliminary Study of Flakes from the Tabun cave, Mount Carmel," Arthur J. Jelinek, "Musterian Assemblages in Kebara Cave, Mount Carmel," Tamar Schick and Moshe Stekelis, "The Ungulate Remains from Kebara Cave," Simon Davis, "A Mousterina Skeleton from Kebara Cave," Patricia Smith and Baruch Arensburg, "Etude prelimiaire d'une mandibule d'adolescent provenant des niveaux mousteriens de Qafzeh, Isreal," Bernar Vndermeersch et Anne-Marei Tiller, "Mousterian Sites in Red Loam in the Coastal Plain of Mount Carmel, " Avraham Rosen, "Upper Paleolithic OccupationNear Avdat, Central Negev, , Israel," Anthony Marks and C. Reid Fleming, "NewUpper Paleolothic Human Remains from Isrel," Baruch Arensburg," The Epipalaeolothic of the Central Negev," Anthony E. Marks, "An Examination of the Artificial Variability in the Natufian of Palestine," Don O. Henry, "Les Natoufians de Palestine," Dense Ferembach, "Les debuts de l'architecture domestique en Palestine," Don O. Henry, "Newe Yam - A Submerged Late-Neolithic Sttlement Near Mount Carmel," Ernst E. Wreschner, "The Pottery at Newe Yam," Moshe W. Prausnitz, "Sea Level Changes and Settlement Location in the Coastal Plain of Israel During the Holocene," Ernst E> Wreschner, "Remarques sur al prehistoire recente d'Eretz-Israel," Jean Perrot.

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