Welcome to Hollander Books

Please keep checking in on our bookseller's blog. The most recent post features some interesting items illustrating Jewish life in Northern California. I put a great deal of effort into a bibliographical article on the Yiddish publisher Der Kval (based on earlier work by David Mazower) in several parts. I am gratified to see that it has attracted a great deal of interest. The most frequently viewed post remains our piece on the publishing details of the famous Chaim Grade short story,"My quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner," Our offering of Jewish community histories from Arcadia Publications has been updated.

We are pleased to be offering two projects produced by our Yiddishist friend Joel Schechter - Rivington Street and Mazl Tov. (There are still a few copies remaining). Rivington Street is a collection of the full-page comic done by Joel in collaboration with underground comix hero Spain Rodriguez, z"l. They tell stories of great figures from the Yiddish world whose stars have sadly faded. Mazl Tov is the first translation of a one-act Sholom Aleichem play.

The J - Formerly, The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California published a cover article on our business last summer. Another article from the J but from long ago is still fun. While searching out the URLs for those links I found an article from the San Francisco Business Times that quotes me foaming at the mouth about some of the big players in online bookselling. Plenty amusing.

Our Brill list is mostly still available. The current stock can be found at Brill Academic Publishers. Click on the book titles for full information.