Welcome to Hollander Books

As of November 2019 we have relocated to Downtown Los Angeles from San Francisco. Our stock is in pretty good order now, but there are still plenty of inaccurate listings. Bear with us if we cannot easily locate the items that are listed. The effects of the move will be an issue for years to come. Due to the global pandemic and uncertainty around it the shop is still open to the public by appointment only.

An exciting development is that our bookstore now shares space with a new Jewish community building venture in Downtown Los Angeles - Der Nister. (aka Der Nister - Downtown Jewish Center). Downtown Los Angeles is a boomtown of sorts. The population has grown from 25,000 is 2003 to 89,000 as recently as 2019. There is a Chabad but otherwise downtown Jews are unserved. The goal of Der Nister is to made Judaism a more vital part of the lives of the Jews in the neghborhood (Think Ahad Ha-am, Mendele, El Lissitsky, Gertrude Stein, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Celia Dropkin, John Zorn, Tiffany Haddish, etc.). Check it out.

Our bookseller's blog.has been pretty quiet for a while but there are plenty of entries still worth a look. We recently took on the responsibility for distributing back issues for Western States Jewish History. The most recent issues were featured in one of our later posts. There is a link there to find the full list of 187 issues currently available. 

Another recent post features some interesting items illustrating Jewish life in Northern California. I put a great deal of effort into a bibliographical article on the Yiddish publisher Der Kval (based on earlier work by David Mazower) in several parts. I am gratified to see that it has attracted a great deal of interest. The most frequently viewed post remains our piece on the publishing details of the famous Chaim Grade short story,"My quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner," Our offering of Jewish community histories from Arcadia Publications has been updated.

While our San Francisco yearsare fading into memory, there is some press onlne about it still. The J - Formerly, The Jewish Bulletin of Northern California published a cover article on our business last summer. Another article from the J but from long ago is still fun. While searching out the URLs for those links I found an article from the San Francisco Business Times that quotes me foaming at the mouth about some of the big players in online bookselling. Plenty amusing.

Our Brill list is mostly still available. The current stock can be found at Brill Academic Publishers. Click on the book titles for full information.