Middle East Information Series XXIII, May, 1973. The Energy Problem and the Middle East.

New York: American Academic Association for Peace in the Middle East, 1973. Softbound. Royal octavo, stapled apper covers, 96 pp. Very Good. Item #95047

Articles are "The Energy Problem and the Middle East: An ntroduction," Oded Remba and Anne Sinai, "The 'Energy Crisis' and U.S. - Middle East Policy," Ernst Frankel (with Bernard Savage and Thomas Weiss), "Prospects of the Evolution of the Wold Petroleum Industry," Paul H. Frenkel, "Is the Oial Shortage Real>" M.A. Adelman, "World and Middle East Oil: A Statistical Review," Joel Darmstadter, "Will Arab Oil Change the U.s.-Middle Easst Stance?" Franklin R. Silbey, "Imperialism in the Midldle East," Michael Harrington, "An Oil Company View," Robert Brougham, "A State Department View," James Akins, "Investment in Middle East Oial -Political Risk and Financial Returns," Sanford L. Marghoshes, "Liquid Assets - Middle East Oil Funds Play an Increasing Role in Monetary Turmoil," The Wall Street Jounral, "Oil Revenues and War in the Middle East," Alexander Melamid, "Foreigh Intervention and the Internatonal Political Economy of Oil," Theodore H. Moran, "The Soviet Role in Pil, Economics and the Middle East," Marshall I. Goldman.

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