Purchasing Power: The Economics of Modern Jewish History.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. First Edition. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket, viii, 355 pp., notes, index. Very Good. Item #89333
ISBN: 9780812247305

Introduction. Purchasing Power: The Economics of Modern Jewish History, by Kobri and Teller. Articles are "License, Cartels, and Kehila: Jewish Moneylending and the Struggle Against Restrait of Trade in Early Modern Rome," Bernard Dov Cooperman, "Contraband fot eh Catholic King: Kews of the French Pyeness in the Tobacco Trade and Spanish State Finance," Carsten L. Wilke, "Daily Business or and Affair of Consequence? Credit, Reputation, and Bankruptcy Among Jewish Merchants inEighteenth-Century Central Europe," Cornelia August, "Jewish Quarters: The Economics of Segregation in the Kingdom of Poland," Glenn Dynner, "From Moses to Moses: Jews, Clothing and Colonial Commerce," Adam D. Mendelsohn, "Brokering a Rock 'n' roll International: Jewish Record Men in America and Britain," Jonathan Larp, "The "West" and the Rest: Jewish Philanthropy and Globalization to c. 1880," Abigail Green, "Rebels Without a Patron State: How Israel Financed the 1948 War," Derek Penslar, "Orthdoxy Through Diamonds: Jewish Life in ntwerp after World War II," Veerle Vanden Daelen, "Faith Meets Politics and Resources: Reassessing Modern Transnational Jewish Activism," Jonathan Dekel-Chen, "Anxieties of Distinctiveness: Walter Sombart's 'The Jews and Modern Capitalism' and the Politics of Jewish Economic History," Adam Sutcliffe.

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