Galut ahar golah: mehkarim be-toldot Am Yisra'el mugashim li-Profesor Hayim Bainart li-melot lo shivim shanah/ Exile and diaspora: studies in the history of the Jewish people presented to Professor Haim Beinart on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday.

Jerusalem: Ben-Zvi Institute, Yad Izhak Ben Zvi and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1988. Hardbound. Royal octavo, glossy paper covered boards, frontispiece photo, 602 pp., English language table of contents at the rear. Very Good. Item #68823
ISBN: 9652350257

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "Haim Beinart and the Historiography of the Conversos," Yosef Kaplan, "Literary Models in the Historiographical Descriptions of the Conquest of Canaan in the Bible and their Background in the Literature of the Ancient Near East," Itzhak Avishur, "The Runaway Slaves of Shimei ben Gera and the Problem of their Extradition," Hanoch Reviv, "The Seals of Neriahu the Prince," Nahman Avigad, "Two Phoenician Glass Seals from Tel Dor," Ephraim Stern, "The Relation of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel in the Light of the Babylonian Exile and the Return to Zion," Haim Tadmor, "From Qurtava to Aspamya," Aharon Oppenheimer, "A Problem of Periodization: The Second Temple and the Mishna and Talmud Periods in Jewish History," Moshe David Herr, "Between Spain and France - Relations between the Jewish Communities of Muslim Spain and France," Avraham Grossman, "Plotinus and Jewish Thought in Medieval Spain," Nathan Spiegel, "'Shinanim Shaananim' by R. Shelomo Ibn Gabirol," Raphael ha-Levi Lowe, "Sephardi Poems from the 'Divine Service' in Bahya Ibn Pakuda's 'Hovoet Ha-Levavot,'" Aharon Mirsky, "Nahmanides on Adam in the Garden of Eden in the Context of Other Interpretations of Genesis, Chapters 2 and 3," Shelom Pines, "Ashkenazi Hasidism in Spain: R. Jonah Gerondi - the Man and His Work," Yisrael M. Ta-Shma, "Antoni Glück-Selig: An Apostate in the Cisternian Monastery of Salem," Shelomo Eidelberg, "'Pugio Fidei' - An Index of Citations," Chen Merchavia, "Ramon Lull - A New Approach to Missionizing?" Ben-Zion Degani, "The Jews of Barcelona in Maritime Trade with the East," Yom-Tov Assis, "Sources for the History of the Jewish Communities in Spain in the Fourteenth century," Menahem Ben-Sasson, "Poetry as an Expression of Spiritual Reality in the Late Sephardi Piyyut," Joseph Yahalom, "Shelomo Ibn Verge and the Expulsion of the Jews from England," Joseph Shatzmiller, "R. Yehuda Khalaz in Tlemcen: Judeo-Iberian Culture in North Africa," Avraham Gross, "On the History of the Sholal Family in Egypt and Eretz Israel at the end of the Mameluke Period and the Beginning of the Ottoman Period, in the Light of New Documents from the Geniza," Abraham David, "The Chronologies of the Muslim Kingdomss in Sambari's Chronicle 'Divrei Yoseh,'" Simon Shtober, "An Unknown Sermon by Shelomo Molkho," Moshe Idel, "Who Was the Apostate Ludovico Carreto?" Robert Bonfil, "Ordinances of the Community of Venice, 1591-1607," Daniel Carpi, "New Information on the 'Converso' Community in London Accrding to the Letters of Sasportas from 1664/1665," Isaiah Tishbi, "Raphael Levi, Ahmed Bashi, Mehemed Bashi, Louis de Bizance - The Transmutations of a Jew from Istanbul in the Seventeenth Century," Joseph R. Hacker, "Bans in the Sephardi Community of Amsterdam in the Late Seventeenth Century," Yosef Kaplan, "The Philosophical Background of Sabbatian Theology - Guidelines towards an Understanding of Abraham Michael Cardoso's Theory of the Divine," Nissim Yosha, "The Sephardi Diaspora in Izmir: Half a Century after Sabbatai Sevi, "A Bibliography of the Writings of Haim Beinart," Yael Beinart Kaplan.

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