Tarbiz: A Quarterly for Jewish Studies, Volume LII, Numbers 1-3/ Tarbits: Rivon Le-Made'i Ha-Yahadut. Kerakh Nun-Bet Hoveret Alef-Gimel. 743.

Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1982-3. Hardbound. Octavo, amateurishly bound with wallpaper for endpapers, black cloth spine with white lettering, blue cloth covered boards, original soiled wraps bound in, 166, vi, 167-370, xi, 371-537, ix pp., a few b/w illustrations. Good. Item #68344

In Hebrew with precises of the articles in English. Hebrew language articles are "On Fasting on the Sabbath," Yitzhak D. Gilat, "Shalan b. Abraham," Elinoar Bareket, "Dugma in Rashi's Commentary on Song of Songs," Sarah Kamin, "The Arabic Translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch," Hasseb Shehadeh, "Mysticism and Reality: Toward a Portrait of the Martyr and Kabbalist R. Samson Ostropoler," Yehuda Liebes, "On 'Herev Nokemet Nekam Berit' by Meir Israel Bresselau, "Abram's Three Hundred and Eighteen Retainers (Gen. 14)," Alexander Zeron, "The Word Konenah," Elisha Qimron, "The Transition from 'Early Redaction' to 'Final Redaction' in the Babylonian Talmud," Noah Aminoah, "'The Scales Are Even' (Tanhuma, Ki Tissa, 34)," Francois Dreyfus, "More on the Ram Caught in the Thicket," Yair Zakovitch, "A Note on Hivi al-Balkhi's Criticism of the Bible," Ernst Roth, "The Qades in the Book of Kings and in Other Sources," Mayer I. Gruber, "Ishmael ben Phaibi and the Chronology of Provincia Judaea," Daniel R. Schwartz, "An Early Fragment of Avot de Rabbi Natan from a Scroll," Marc Bregman, "A List of Yearly Holidays in a Piyyut by Qiliri," Ezra Fleischer, "Lishna de-Kallah," David Rosenthal, "The Addition to the Sabbath," Israel Ta-Shema, "On the History of Schund Literature in Yiddish," Khone Schmeruk, "A Clarification of Four Difficult Mishnayot in the Light of Greek and Latin Sources," A.A. Hallewy, "A Note on my Article in Tarbiz IL," Yehuda Liebes, "Biblical Studies: The Kid in its Mother's Milk and the Kid Sucking its Mother's Milk," Menahem Haran, "The Formal Development of Klal u-ferat Klal," Michael Chernick, "The Distinctions between the Various High-Priestly Officials in Rabbinic Literature," Zvi Arei Steinfeld, A Reconsideration of Three Ancient Seals from Persia," Moshe Beer, "Anafiel, Metatron, and the Creator," Joseph Dan, "A Geniza Fragment of Pirqe Avot in Old Yiddish," Simon Hopkins, "A Manuscript Edition of 'Shlomo and Qohelet," by Micha Joseph Lebensohn, "Avraham Holtz, "Daat torah and Birthpangs of the Messiah," Gershon C. Bacon, "A Note to Me-Rehem = Woman, Mother," Elisha Qimron, "Two Notes on my Article in Tarbiz 50," Daniel Boyarin, "'They Divide', 'They Divide to the Middle,' "They Bring to the Middle and Divide,'" Israel Francus, "The Scales Are Even," A.A. Hallewy, "The Application of Permutations of Letters in the Commentaries of Rav Saadia Gaon," Maaravi Perez, "A History of One 'Family' of Muwashahat," Tova Rosen-Moked.

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