Asupot: kavtsim Le-Toldot Tenu'at Ha-Avodah Be-Yisra'el 9, Av, 725 / Asupoth: A Publication Devoted to the History of the Jewish Labour Movement 9, August, 1965.

Tel Aviv: Arkhiyon u-muzeon shel tenu'at ha-avodah (Israel), 1965. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers with minor wear to the spine, 130 pp., b/w photos, yellowed paper. Very Good-. Item #64664

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "Letters from the Jewish Brigade: Eleven letters by Israel's second President when he was a soldier in the Jewish Brigade during World War I," I. Ben-Zvi, "The Origins of 'Hapoel Hatzair,' A full account of the foundation of the Hapoel Hatzair Workers Party in Palestine," Yosef Shapira, "A thorough study of the well known Polish Jewish historian, who established archives in the Warsaw ghetto, in which was collected a great deal of material from the nightmarish period," I. Shtzky, "Pinhas Dashewski and the Attempted Assassination of Krushevan: The story of the atttempt by a young Zionist to assassinate Krushevan, the main instigator of the Kishenev pogrom in 1903," N. Meisel, "Memoirs: The writer of these memoirs was known as the 'Grandfather of Jewish Socialism,''" Ben-Netz (Morris Vintshevsky 1856-1932), From the Movement's Past: "From the History of the Poalei-Zion Movement in Old Romania," "Left Poalei-Zion in Lithuania," L. Shimoni, "Jewish Workers in Uruguay," Pearl Reicher-Shapira, "Documents from the Holocaust: A postcard from the Vittel Concentration Camp in France, by the poet Yitzhak Katznelson. From there, he an his son were sent to the crematoria at Auschwitz," "Documents from the Kovno Ghetto: These documents have been taken from the almanac of a Zionist youth group which was active in the Kovno Ghetto, in the period 1942-1944," "A Letter from Z. Shefer (Feinstein) to Y. Sprinzak: The writer of the letter who died a year ago, was of the second Aliya, a member of Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar, and a volunteer to the Jewish Brigades in both world wars," "In the archives of the Worker's Council," M. Lipman, "Two unknown numbers of 'The Jewish Worker,'" M. Eisland, "Bibliographical notes," I. Shimoni.

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