Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Kerakh Esrim ve-Ehad. Sefer Rut Amiran/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Twenty-One. Ruth Amiran Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1990. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xvi, 258, 110 pp., b/w photos, drawings and plans. Very Good. Item #63868

Text is in HEBREW except for the English Summaries at the rear and the Articles in the Non-Hebrew section. Articles in the Non-Hebrew Section are "Ruth Amiran - A Life in Archaeology," Uzza Zevulun and Moshe Kochavi, "An Enigmatic Sealing from Abydos," Barbara Adams, "The Concept of Eternity in Ancient Egypt and the Bronze Age World: An Archaeological Approach," Manfred Bietak, "Canaanite Jarss from New Kingdom Deposits at Memphis, Kom Rabi'a," Janine Bourriau, "Early Bronze Age Cylinder Seal Impressions from Beth Yerah," Douglas L. Esse, "A Bronze Head of the Late Iron Age from the Levant," Prudence O. Harper, "Notes on Ekur," Thorkild Jacobsen, "The Early Bronze Age Fortifications at Tel Yarmuth - An Interim Statement," Pierre de Miroschedji, "From Gulf to Delta in the Fourth Millenium: The Syrian Connection," P.R.S. Mooney, "An Early Bronze Age Jar from Acemhöük," Nimet Özgüc, "A Terracotta Figurine from the City Mound of Kanesh," Tahsin Özgüc, "The Chronology of Predynastic Egyptian Decorated Ware," Joan Crowfoot Payne, "Painted Pottery and its Relationship to the Weaving Crafts in Canaan During the Early Bronze Age I," Lawrence E. Stager, "The Trephined Skull from the Early Bronze Age Period at Arad," Patricia Smith, "The Chronology of the Transcaucasian-East Anatolian Early Bronze Age," Jak Yakar.
Articles in Hebrew are "Notes on the Middle Bronze Age Fortifications at hazor," David Ussishkin, "North Sinai During the MB I Period - Pastoral Nomadism and Sedentary Settlement," Eliezer D. Oren and Yuval Yekutiel, "The Gilat Sanctuary: Its Centrality and Influence in the Southern Levant during the Late 5th - Early 4th Millennium BCE," David Alon and Thomas E. Levy, "A Late Iron Age Tomb Between Bet Hanina and Nebi Samwil, and the Identification of hazor in Nehemia 11:13," Hanan Eshel and Amos Kloner, "'Lmap and Bowl' Foudaion Deposites from the End of the Late Bronze Age - Beginning of the Iron Age in Eretz-Israel," Shlomo Bunimovitz and Orna Zimhoni, "The Middle Bronze II Ramparts of Tel Dan," Avraham Biran, "An Early Bronze Age III Stratum at Tel 'Ira in the Northern Negev," Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, "A Stump Seal and a Seal Impression of the Chalcolithic Period from Tel Gerar," Amnon Ben-Tor, "A Figurine from, Tel iIra," Pirhiya Beck, "A Late Bronze Age Egyptian Temple in Jerusalem?" Gabriel Barkay, "The Question of the Origin of Early Arad's Population," Yehuda Govrin "Chalcolithic Settlements in Western Samaria," Ram Gophna and Zvika Zuk, "Pottery from Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age I Cemeteries in Israel: Some Aspects of the New Development of Ceramic Technology," Yuval Goren, "The Settlement of the Hula Valley in the Urban Phase of the Early Bronze Age," Raphael Greenberg, "Graves and Burial Customs of the MB IIA Period in Gesher," Yosef Garfinkel and Ruhama Bonfil, "An Infant Jar-Burial," Moshe Dothan, "The Early Bronze Age in the Western Negev Highlands," Mordechai Haiman, "The Date of the Dolmens in the Golan and Galilee - A Reassessment," Lipaz Vinitzky, "Tell el-Yahudiyah from A Potter's Refuse Pit at Afula," Uzza Zevulun, "Pottery Vessels versus Lamps: Identity of Fashionisng," Varda Sussman, "The Excavation at Tel Beth-Shean in 1898-1990," Amihai Mazar, "Metalworking in the Central Jordan Valley at the Transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age," Ora Negbi, "New Aspects of Pottery Figurines in the Yarmukian Culture,"Tamar Noy, "EB and MB I Board Games in Canaan and the Origin of the Egyptian Senet Game," Michael Sebbane, "Archaeological Soundings at Dhahr Mirzbaneh," Israel Finkelstein, "A Group of Figurines and Miniature Vessles of the Chalcolithic Period," Miriam Tadmor.

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