Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Kerakh Shivah-Asar. Sefer Ya'akov Braver/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Seventeen. A.J. Brawer Memorial Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society in cooperation with The Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, 1981. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xx, 338, 14 pp., 44 pp. b/w plates, b/w photos, drawings and plans. Very Good. Item #63867

IN HEBREW except for the English Summaries at the rear.
Articles in Hebrew are "Dr. Abraham Jacob Brawer (1184-1975)," M. Brawer, "Bibliography of the late A.J. Brawer," "In Memoriam - A.J. Brawer," B. Mazar, "On A.J. Brawer the Geographer," Y. Karmon, "A Railway Dispute in the Levant in late Turkish Times," S. Avitzur, "Transformation in pattern, Dispersion and Population Density in Israel's Arab Villages (Pls. Alef, MemDaled)," M. Brawer, "Attitudes toward the Boundaries of Eretz-Israel before its Political Delimitation," G. Biger, "Similarities and Differences in the Wind Systems of the Inner Lakes of Israel," A. Bitan, "Sub-Districts and Settlements of the Sanjak of nablus in the 19th Century," Y. Ben-Arieh and A. Golan, "The Old City of Jaffa, 1936 - A Colonial Urban Renewal Project (Pls. Bet-Vav)," D. Gavish, "From Core-Periphery to Complex Mosaic in the Structure of Israel's Older Towns," A. Gonen, "The Mineralogical Identification of the Biblical Sapphire (Pl. Tet)," D. Ginzburg, "Biblical Words which have Become Place-Names in Israel," Z. Vilnay, "Ring Analysis of 'Dedrus libani' Beams from the Roof of El-Aqsa Mosque (Het-Zayin)," S. Lev-Yadu, S.N. Liphschitz and Y. Waisel, "The Cartographic Survey of Jerusalem, 1940 - A Contribution to the Methodology of Mapping in Urban Geography (Pl. Yud)," D. Amiran, "Zionist Settlement Policy in the Negev Prior to the State of Israel," R. Kark, "Greek Orthodox Monasteries in the Old City of Jerusalem," R. Rubin, "Geographical Elements in the Zionist Colonization Method in Late Turkish Times," S. Reichman, "Ishmaelites and Midianites," S. Abramsky, "Random Sampling and Common Sense: An Example from the Prehistoric Survey in the Dishon Basin," M. Ohel, "Maous - A Fortified Village of the First Revolt on the Northern Border of Eretz-Israel (Pls. YudAlef-YudBet)," Z. Ilan, "The Settlements and Population of Eretz-Israel in the Early Bronze Age II-III," M. Broshi and R. Gophna, "The Settlement Pattern of Hazor Stratum XII," S. Geva, "Settlement Landscapes in Eretz-Israel in the Early and Middle Bronze Age (Pl. YudGimel)," R. Gophna, "Excavation of a Jewish Dwelling at Khirbet Susiya (Pls. YudDaled-TetVav)," Y. Hirschfield, "The 'Pride of the Jordan' (Pls. TetZayin-Yud-Het)," M. har-El, "Names and Nicknames of Jews in Second Temple Times (Pls. YudTet-Khaf)," R. Hachlili, "The Exile in Samaria," B.-Z. Luria, "'Bet Ha-Mesibah' in the Temple Scroll in the Mishnah," I. Magen, "The 'Border Road' between Michmash and Jericho and Excavations at Horvat Shilhah (Pls. KhafHeh-KhafZayin)," Z. Meshal, "Typographical and Historical Considerations of Amenhotep II's Campaigns to Canaan," N. Na'aman, "Numismatics and Nabatean Chronology," A. Neg3ev, "The 'Stable-House' at Shivta (Pls. KhafHet-LamedGimel)," A. Segal, "'Arim, Banot, Migrashim and Haserim: The Spatial Organization of Eretz-Israel in the 12th-10th Centuries BCE according to the Bible," J. Portugali, "The Development of the Nabatean Capital (Pls. LamedDaled-LamedHeh)," J. Patrich, "The Corinthian Cpitals of the Capernaum Synagogue - A Late Roman Architechtural Feature in Eretz-Israel (Pls. LamedVav-LamedTet)," M. Fischer, "A Contribution to the Medieval Topography of Jerusalem - The Crusader Conquest of 1099," J. Prawer, "The Cemetery at Horvat Thala (Pls. Mem-MemGimel)," A. Kloner, "The Impact of Drought on Third Millenium BCE Cultures on the Basis of Excavations in the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds," H. Ritter-Kaplan.

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