Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Kerakh Hamishi-Asar. Sefer Yohanan Aharoni/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Fifteen. Y. Aharoni Memorial Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society in cooperation with The Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, 1981. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xii, 419, 89 pp., 68, viii pp. b/w plates, b/w photos, drawings and plans. Very Good. Item #63866

Text is in Hebrew except for the English Summaries at the rear and the non-Hebrew articles at the rear. Articles in the Non-Hebrew section are "Frühägyptische Siegelinschriften und ein SRH-Emblem des Horus-'H', aus dem nördlichen Negeb," Siegfried Mittmann, "Ägyptische Namen für vorderasiatische Otrs-, Berg- oder Flussbezeichnungen (Pl. IV)," Elmar Edel, "Western Neighbours of the Hittites," Silvin Kosak, "Subterranean Structures in anatolia: Problem of Interpretatation and Chronology," Jak Yakar, "Cave G26 at Jebel Qa'aqir: A Domestic Assemblage of Middle Bronze I (Pls 1-III)," William G. Dever, "The Aegean Pottery of Khirbet Judur (Pl. III), Vronwy Hankey, "Das Land Amqu: Neue Beobachtungen und Fragen," Arnulf Kuschke, "The 'List of rehoboam's Fortresses' in Chr. 11:5-12 - A Document from the Time of Josiah," Volkmar Fritz, "Classification des Estampilles Royales Judeenes (PL. VIII)," Andre Lemaire, "The Military Camp Ground at Taanach by the Waters of Megiddo," Anson F. Rainey, "An Aramaic Ostracon of the Third Cenmtury B.C.E. from Excavations in Jerusalem (PL IV)," Frank Cross Moore, "Canaanite-Phoenician Architecture: The Development and Distribution of Two Styles (Pls. V-VII)," Gus and Ora Van Beek.
Articles in Hebrew are "Y. Aharoni - In Memoriam," M. Kochavi and S. Yeivin, "Neolithic Sites in Sinai (Pls. Alef-Bet)," O. Bar-Yosef, "The Early Neolithic Periods in the Levant," T. Noy, "More on the Chalcolithic Culture of the Golan (Pls Gimel-Vav)," C. Epstein, "Did Narmer Reach Southern Mesopotamia?" H. Ritter-Kpalan, "Aphek-Antipatris, Tel Poleg, Tel Zeror and Tel Burga: Four Fortified Sites of the Middle Age IIA in the Sharon Plain (Pl. Zayin)," M. Kochavi, P. Beck and R. Gophna, "New Discoveries in Mine 'L' at Serabit el-Khadim (Pls Het-Yud)," I. Beit-Arieh, "Tell el-'Ajjul in the Late Bronze Age - City and Cemetery?" R. Gonen, "Female Relief Figurines of Late Bronze Age Canaan (Pls. YudAlef-YudBet)," M. Tadmor, "Midianite Pottery (Pls. YudGimel-KhafZayin)," B. Rothenberg and J. Glass, "Tell Jedur (Pls. YudHet-KhafAlef), S. Ben-Arieh, "The Lebanon, Galilee and Bashan in a Topographical List of Amenhotep III," S. Ahituv, "Three Fragments from Egyptian Geographical Lists (Pl. KhafBet)," R. Giveon, "Royal Estates in the Jezereel Valley in the Late Bronze Age and Under the Israelite Monarchy," N. Na;aman, "The Process of Israelite Settlement in the Hill-Country," B. Mazar, "The Beginning and End of Archaeological Periods at Adjacent Sites," M. Dothan, "Excavations at Tel Masos: 1972, 1974, 1975 (Pls. KhafGimel-KhafZayin)," A. Kempinski, D. Zimchoni, E. Gilboa and N. Rösel, "The Pottery Strata 12-11 of the Iron Age Citadel at Arad (KhafHet-Lamed)," M. Aharoni, "Excavations at Tel Qishon - Preliminary Report on the 1977-1978 Seasons (LamedAlef-LamedHet)," C. Arnon and R. Amiran, "Tel Rekhesh and Tel Qarney Hittin," Z. Gal, "The Gates at Gezer," A. Zertal, "The Excavations at Khirbet Abu et-Twein and the System of Iron Age fortresses in Judah (Pls. LamedTet-MemHeh)," A. Mazar, "Aroer in the Negev (Pls. MemVav-NunGimel)," A. Biran and R. Cohen, "The Population of Iron Age Palestine in the Light of Urban Plans, Areas and Population Density," Y. Shiloh, "On the Identification of the 'Sealed Karu of Egypt' (Pl. NunDaled)," R. reich, "Iron Age Gerah Weights (Pl. NunHeh-NunVav)," G. Barkay, "A Neo-Assyrian Cylindr-Seal from Beth-Shan," S. Geva, "'Belonging to Makbiram' or 'Belonging to the Food-Servers'? (Pl. NunHet)," J. Naveh, "Titles and Symbols on Hebrew Seals (Pl. NunZayin)," N. Avigad, "A Votive Stele with Proto-Aeolic Capital (Pl. NunHet)," L.Y. Rahmani, "The Pattern of the Whole-Kingdom's Assembly in Israel," H. Reviv, "Achaemenid Tombs at Shechem (Pls. NunTet-SamechGimel)," E. Stern, "Israelite and Hellenistic Farms in the Foothills and in the Yarkon Basin," I. Finkelstein, "The Hasmonean fortresses and the Status of Khirbet Qumran (Pls. SamechDaled-SamechZayin)," P. Bar-Adon, "The Conquests of John Hyrcanus I in Moab and the Identification of Samaga-Samoge," G. foerster, "The 'Cista Mystica' and Worship of Kore-Persephone at Samaria (Pl. Ayin)," Y. Meshorer, "The Hitory of 'Darb el-Ghaza' - the Ancient Road to Eilat and Southern Sinai (Pls. SamechHet-SamechTet)<" Z. Meshel, "The Route of the International Highway in N. Eretz-Israel," Z. Ilan, "Roads and Forts in the Beth Lidd Region of Sammaria (Pls. AyinAlef-AyinGimel)," Ancient Wine Presses in the Area of the Ayalon Park (Pl. AyinDaled) "Kefar Ata - The 'Missing Fortress' of Josephus," Y. Hirschfled, "David's Tower and Its Name in Second Temple Times," D. Bahat, "Burial Caves in Ha'ari Street, Jerusalem, (Pl. AyinHeh)," A. Kloner, "A Jerusalem Family in Jericho (Pls. AyinVav-AyinZayin)," R. Ahchlili, "Evidence of the Trajanic Period at jaffa (Pl. AyinHet)," J. Kaplan.

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