Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Kerakh Ahad-Asar. Sefer Emanuel Dunayevsky/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Eleven. I. Dunayevsky Memorial Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1973. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xxiv, 294, 32 pp., xl pp. b/w plates, b/w photos, drawings and plans. Very Good. Item #63865

Text is in Hebrew except for the English Summaries at the rear and a few non-Hebrew articles at the rear. Articels in the Non-Hebrew section are "In Memoriam - Immanuel Dynayevsky," "Two Approaches to Archaeological Method - The Architectural and the Strategraphic," W.G. Dever, "Nouveaux sites du VIe millenaire en Haute-Galilee," Monique Lechevallier & Genevieve Dolfuss. Articles in Hebrew are "'Munya' the Excavators," Y. Yadin, "'Munya' the Man," Trude Dothan, "In Memory of 'Munya,'" M. Ben-Dov, "A List of Selected Plans Drawn by I. Dunayevsky," E. Netzer, "The Principal Architectural Remains of the Early Bronze Age at Ai," A. Ben-Tor & A. Kempinski, "Dunayevsky's Drawings of St. Cagtherine's Monastrey in Sinai," Y. Tsafrir, "Synagogue Remians at the Mound of Kefar Qarnaim," S. Golschmidt, " The 'Tomb of Jacob's Daughters' near Sepphoris," N. Avigad, "The Haditha Mosaic Pavement," M. Avi-Yonah, "Remarks on the 'Israeli' Method of Excavation," Y. Aharoni, "The Sacred Area at Megiddo in Stratum XIX," Claire Epstein, "The Date of the Dolmens near Kibbutz Shamir," D. Bahat, "The First Surveyed Maps of Jerusalem," Y. Ben-Arieh, "Building Techniques in the Omayyad Plalce near the Temple Mount, Jerusalem," M. Ben-Dov, "Plans of Dwellins and Temples in Early Bronze Age Palestine," A. Ben-Tor, "Rare Cylinder-Seal Impressions from Beth-Yerah," P. Bar-Adon, "A Jewish Burial-Cave on Mount Scopus," D. barag, "Habitations: Their Location and Forms in the Palaeolithic and Epi-Paleolithic Periods," O. Bar-Yosef, "The Middle Bronze Age II Fortification at Tel Poleg," R. Gophna, "Another Mourning-Woman Figurine from the Lachish Region," trude Dothan, "The End of the Late Bronze Age at Tel Mor and Ashdod," M. Dothan, "The 1968-1969 Seasons of Excavations at hazor," Y. Yadin "Excavations at Khorazin," Z. Yeivin, "Coins from the Excavations at Khorazin," Y. Meshorer, "Temples That Were Not," S. Yeivin, "AN Early Bronze Age II Tomb at beth-Yerah (Kinneret)," B. Mazar, Ruth Amiran & N. Haas, "A New Interpretation of the Finds at Herodian Jericho," Z. Mehsel, "The Staircase-Tower in Nabatean Architecture," A. Negev, "A Crusader Church in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem," A. Ovadiah, "A Crusader Church in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, 1968-1969 (Preliminary Report)," Ruth Amiran & A. Eitan, "Akhziv and Avdon: On the Planning of a Port and a Fortress-city in the Plain of Acre," M. Prausnitz, "The Synagogues at Masada and Herodium," G. Foerster, "The House of Kyrios Leontis at Beth-Shean," N. Tzori, "Dams and Reservoirs in the North-Eastern Mountains of the Negev," A. Kloner, "Medieval Islamic Compound Vessels," Miriam Rosen-Ayalon, "The Erez Mosaic," L.Y. Rahmani, "The Architecture of Plaestine in the Persian Period," E. Stern, "The Four-Room House - The Israelite Type-House?" Y. Shiloh, "A Middle Bronze Age I Tomb-Group from the Rosh Haniqra Ridge," Miriam Tadmor, "The Cut in the Pass at 'Aqabat el-Urqub," E. Tamari & A. Hashimshoni.

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