Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Kerakh Esrim. Sefer Yigael Yadin/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Sixteen. Yigael Yadin Memorial Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society in cooperation with The Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University, Hebrew Union College/ Jewish Institute of Religion, 1989. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xxiv, 372, 208 pp., b/w photos, drawings and plans. Very Good. Item #63863

Articles in the section (In English) "Yigael Yadin - Ine Memoriam," are "Curriculum Vitae," "Yigael Yadin - a Portrait," N. Avigad, "Yigael Yadin - the Archaeologist," A Ben-Tor, "Yigael Yadin - Archaeologist, Historian and Soldier," A. Malamat, "A Personal Remembrance of Yadin as a Biblical Archaeologist." L.E. Stager, "Yigael Yadin - Friend and Colleague," J. Aviram, "Yigael Yadin's Contribution to Judaic Studies," E.E. Urbach. Articles in the Non-Hebrew section are "From Arad to Carthage: Harvest Rites and Corn-dollies," R.D. Barnett, "Total Retrieval and Maximum reconstruction of Artifacts; an Experiment in Archaeological Methodology," G.W. Van Beek, "Servant Burials in the Middle Bronze Age Culture of the Eastern N. Delta," M. Bietek, "'Yigael Yadin: Phototypical Biblical Archaeologist,'" W.G. Dever, "Incense Altars from Ekron, Israel and judah: Context and Typology," S. Gitin, "More on Bows," W.W. Hallo, "The So-called 'Fortress System of Rehoboam', 2 Chron. 11:5-12: Theoretical Considerations," S. Herrmann, "The Mesopotamian Temple Plan and the Kititum Temple," T. Jacobsen, "A New 'Geryon' Terracotta Statuette from Cyprus," V. Karageorgis, "The 'marzeah': Textual and Archaeological Evidence," P.J. King, "Two Notes on the Subsidiary Rooms of Solomon's Temple," K.A. Kitchen, "The Churn's Sweet Sound: A Sumerian Bucolic Poem," S.N. Kramer, "L'establissement de Qumran pres de la Mer Morte: fortresse ou couvert?" E.-M. Laperrousaz, "Une inscription phenicienne decouverte recemment en le mariage de Ruth La Moabite," A. Lemaire, Le repas sacre a Qumran et a Palmyre," E. Lipinski, "The Doorways of Solomon's Temple," A. Millard, "Expanding the Frontiers of Biblical Archaeology," C. and E. Meyers, "Highs and Lows in the Holy land: Opium in Biblical Times (with a Report by John Evans)," R.S. Merrilees, "Shoshan Ha-birah,'" J. Perrot, "Une inscription arameenne sur un couvercle de sarcaphage," E. Puech, "The Problem of Stratigraphy Relating to David," W.E. Rast, "Two Biblical Words in the Qumran Hymns," H. Ringren, "'Shelamim' Sacrifices in the 'Temple Scroll,'" L.H. Schiffman, "Bible Interpretation at Qumran," G. Vermes.
Articles in the Hebrew section are "Military Architecture along the 'Ways of Horus' - Egyptian Reliefs and Archaeologucal Evidence," E.D. Oren and J. Shershevsky, "Temple Models and their Symbolism," C. Epstein, "New Light on the Relations between Egypt and Southern Palestine during the Early Bronze Age," A. Ben-Tor, "The Settlements in the 'En Besor Oasis during Early Bronze I," R. Gophna, "The Egyptian Middle Kingdom System for Writing Foreign Names and the Beginning of the West-Semitic Alphabet," B. Sass, "The Poltical Staus of Megiddo VIIa," I. Singer, "Features of Sttlements in the Northern Shephelah during MB and LB in the Light of the Excavations at Tel Batash and Gezer," A Mazar, "Hazor and Mari," A. Malamat, "A Cult-Object in the Kh. Kerak Ware Culture," R. Amiran, "The Socio-Democratic Structure of the Intermediate Bronze Age," I. Finkelstein, "Reconstructing the Canaanite Tower-Temple," A. Kempinsky, "The 'Cult Standard' from hazor in a New Light," M. Tadmor, "Two Seals of Women and Other Hebrew Seals," N. Avigad, "The Assyrian Attack on Lachish: The Evidence from the Southwest Corner of the Site," D. Ussishkin, "Lexical Notes on Some Ancient Military Terms," I. Eph'al, "The Evidence for Metal Industry at Dan," A. Biran, "An Edomite Shrine at Horvat Qitmit," I. Beit-Arieh, "On the Identification of the Figure on the Cult-Stand from the 'City of David,'" P. Beck, "The Transition from Canaanite to Israelite Hegemony in Palestine - A Suggestion," S. Geva, "Iron Knives from Tel Miqne-Ekron," T. Dothan, "A Cremation Burial at Azor - A Danite City," M. Dothan, "The Royal Economy of King David Compared with the Royal Economy of Ugarit," M. Heltzer, "The Wedge-Decorated Bowl and the Origin of the Cuthaeans," A Zertal, "The Representation and Identification of Cities on Assyrian reliefs," R. Jacoby, "The Identification of Zeredah, Home of Jeroboam Son of Nebat, King of Israel," M. Kochavi, "The Triumph of the Lord," B.A. Levine, "THe House of Omri," B. Mazar, "The Temples of Tel Qasila - Additional Comments on their Architecture and Cultic Affinities," O. Negbi, "A Third Season of Excavations at Mesad Hashavyahu," R. Reich, "Hazor, Dor and Megiddo in the Time of Ahab and the Assyrian Period," E. Stern, "On the Use of Aramic in the Assyrian Empire: Three Observations on a Relief of Sargon II," H. Tadmor, "The Fuller's Field and the 'Conduit of the Upper Pool,'" D. Bahat, "I.O.U. Note from the Time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt," M. Broshi ad E. Kimron, "Masada in the Byzantine Period - The Marda Monastery," Y. Hirschfield, "A Roman Cupping Vessel from Masada," M. Hershkovitz, "Fragments of Scrolls from Masada," S. Talmon, "The Mints of Ashdod and Ascalon during the Late Persian Period," YY. Meshorer, "A Siege System and an Ancient Road at Alexandrium," Z. Meshel, "The Aramic and Hebrew Inscriptions from Ancient Synagogues," J. Naveh, "The Process of Masada's Destruction," E. Netzer, "A Juglet Containing Balsam Oil (?) from a Cave Near Qumran," J. Patrich and B. Arubas, "Two Bronze Ornaments in the Shape of Rams' Heads from Masada," G. Foerster, "The Synagogue at Meroth, the Synagogue at Capernaum, and the Dating of the Gailiean Synagogues: A Reconsideration," Y. Tsafrir, "Load Weights at Ben-Kosba's Administration," A. Kloner, "Remains of a Serapis Cult in Tel Aviv," J. and H. Kaplan, "An Ayyubid Inscription in the Dome of the Rock," M. Rosen-Ayalon.

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