Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Sefer Shishi Sefer Mukdash Le-Zikhro shel Mordekai Narkis z"l/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Six. Dedicated to the Memory of Mordecai narkiss (1897-1957).

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society and the Bezalel National Museum, with the assitance of The Bialik Institute of the Jewish Agency, 1967. Hardbound. Quarto, brown cloth with gold lettering and minor wear at the base of the spine, frontispiece photo, iv, 200, 40 pp., xlvi pp. b/w plates and one color plate, English language summaries of the articles, b/w photos and drawings. Very Good-. Item #63834

Articles in Hebrew are "Mordecai Narkiss - in Memoriam," Marc Chagall, "Biography of Mordecai Narkiss," B. Narkiss, "Mordecai Narkiss - Portrait of Museum Curator," P. kahane, "I Remember Mordecai Narkiss," H. Z. Hirschberg, "Bibliography of Mordecai Narkiss," B. Narkiss, "The Mesolithic Art of Eretz-Israel," M. Stekelis, "A Late Bronze Age II Pottery Group from a Tomb in Jerusalem," Ruth Amiran, "Spinning Bowls," Trude Dothan, "The Date of the Seal of 'Shema' Servant of Jereboam,'" S. Yeivin, "A Hebrew Seal from Tell Jemmeh," Y. Yadin, "Hebrew Jar-Stamps from Ramat Rahel," Y. Aharoni, "Excavations at Beth She'arim, 1958," N. Avigad, "Roman Tomb in Shmuel Ha-Navi Street, Jerusalem," L.Y. Rahmani, "Clay Lampsm and Religious Propaganda in the Early Roman Empire," S. Applebaum, "The Ancient Synagogue at Maon (Nirim)," S. Levy, "The maon Synagogue - The Small Finds," L.Y. Rahmani, "The Mosaic Pavement of the Maon (Nirim) Synagogue," M. Avi-Yonah, " The Hebrew Coin Script," L. Kadman, "Chronology of Coins of the Herodian Dynasty," J. Meyshan, "New Views in Jewish Numismatics," B. Kirschner, "The Fate and Form of the Menorah pf the Maccabees," H. Strauss, "The Origins of the Settlement of Jewish Tribes in Arabia," I. Ben-Zvi, "Pictures of Jerusalem and its Holy Places," Z. Vilnay, "Ambol - The Raised Platform in the Synagogue," S.D. Goitein, "The Land of Israel in the Hebrew Translation of Basnage's 'Histoire des Juifs,'" J. Braslavi, "Jewish Miniaturists," H. Feuchtwanger, "A Yemenite Marriage Contract of 1795," "Rembrandt's Representation of Jews," M. arash, "The Origin of the Spice Box Known as the 'Hadass,'" M. Narkiss.
Articles in other languages are "Un Choix d'antiquites egyptiennes au Musee Bezalel," J. Leibovitch, "Note sur deux cranes trouves a Jerusalem dans une sepulture d'epoque romaine," Denise Ferembach, "The Calendar Tablet fromGezer," W. Wirgin, "Star and Anchor: Coin Symbolism and the End of Days," C. Roth, The Haggadic Motif in Jewish Iconography," J. Gutmann, "The Moneychanger with the Balance: A Topic of Jewish Iconography," R. Wischnitzer, "Some Notes on Jewish Tombstones in Russia," B. Kisch.

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