Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Sefer Shemini Sefer E.L. Sukenik 1889-1953/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Eight: E.L. Sukenik Memorial Volume (1889-1953).

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1967. Hardbound. Quarto in mildly edgeworn dust jacket, frontispiece photo, iv, 328, 80 pp., xl and xvii pp. b/w plates, English language summaries of the articles, b/w photos and drawings, addenda and corrigenda. Very Good-. Item #63833

Articles in Hebrew are "The Late E.K. Sukenik," B. Mazar, "E.L. Sukenik - The Man and the Work," N. Avigad, "Remembrances of E.L. Sukenik," N. Tur-Sinai, "A Biography of E.L. Sukenik," Y. Yadin, "Bibliography of the Writings of E.L. Sukenik," U. Ben-Horin, " The Ben Sira Scroll from Masada," Y. Yadin, "Three Greek Documents from the Family Archive of Babatha," H.J. Polonsky, "The Pesher of Isaiah and the Twelve Apostles," D. Flusser, "The Doctrine of 'Times' According to the Sect of Qumran and other 'Computers of Seasons,'" J. Licht, "The 'Sons of Zadok the Priest' in the Dead Sea Sect," J. Liver, "The Language and the Date of Psalm 151 from Qumran," A. Hurwitz, "Traced of the Chalcolithic Culture," M. Stekelis, "A Krater from Akhziv - The Canaanite 'Sefel,'" M. Prausnitz, "A Note on Figurines with 'Disks,'" Ruth Amiran, "Seals of Royal Functionaries from Arad," Y. Aharoni, "A Mausoleum at Kfar Giladi," J. Kaplan, "A Sarcophagus and an Ornamental Arch from the Mausoleum at Rosh Ha'ayin," A. Eitan, "Jewish Rock-Cut Tombs in Jerusalem and in the Judean Hill Country," N. Avigad, "The Leda Coffin from Beth She'arim," M. Avi-Yonah, "The Ancient Synagogue at Beth-Shean," N. Zori, "Brick Stamp-Inscriptions of the Legio X. Fratensis," D. Barag, "The Aramiac Inscription from the Synagogue of Severus at hamat Tiberias," M. Dothan, "Jewish Tombs in the Romema Quarter of Jerusalem," L.Y. Rahmani, "The Chronology of the Seven-Branched Menorah," A. Negev, "Additional Note on Early Relations between Canaan and Egypt," S. Yeivin, "The Middle Bronze Age in Palestine," B. Mazar, "Prophetic Revelations in New Documents from Mari and the Bible," A. Malamat, "Fragments of a Stele of Sargon II from the Excavations of Ashdod," H. Tadmor, "The Mesopotamian Background of Lamentations 4:9-12," A Shaffer, "Og," C. Rabin, "The House of Rechab," S. Abramsky, "The List of Cities of Simeon," S. Talmon, "The Biblical Geography of Falvius Josephus," Z. Kallai, "Kokh and its Cognates," E.Y. Kutscher, "Gader," J. Brand, "The Agrarian Question and the Revolt of Bar Kokhba," S. Applebaum, "Documents from Damascus and Tyre concerning Buildings belong to Jews," S.D. Goitein, "Two 'Shalom al Israel' Inscriptions from Spain" H. Beinart, "The Fish in the Mosaics of the Synagogue at naro," H. Z. Hirschbergf, "The Four-Pier Synagogue in Poland," D. Davidovitch, "The Mint of Tyre - The Major Source of Silver Coins in Ancient Palestine," A. Kindler, "What is a Prutah?" J. Meyshan.
Articles in other languages are " E.L. Sukenik - In Memoriam," "Layard's Nimrud Bronzes and their Inscriptions," R. D. Barrett, "A Note on the Nimrud Bronze Bowls," Y. Yadin, "The Origin and Early Evolution of the Alphabet," F.M. Cross, Jr., "Lumieres nouvelles sur l'arriere-plan historique des ecrits de Qoumran," A. Dupont-Sommer, "Nabatean Symbols of Immortality," N. Glueck, "'Israel' in Isa. XLIX, 3: A Problem in the Methodology of Textual Criticism," H. M. Orlinsky, "Les Ossuaires de Ben Shemen," J. Perrot, "La Questione Fenicio-Punica in Sicilia," V. Tusa, "The Provinces of Solomon," G.E. Wright.

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