American Academy for Jewish Research Proceedings Vol. XLIV 1977.

New York: American Academy for Jewish Research, 1977. Hardbound. Octavo, soiled gray cloth covered boards, xxii, 196, 48 pp. Very Good. Item #62953

Articles are "Captive at the Gate of rome: The Story of a Messianic Motif," Abraham Berger, "Hidden Meanings in the Writings of Rabbi Kook,"Ben Zion Boker, "Sephardim in the Nineteenth Century: New Directions and Old Virtues," Jose Faur, "Sephardim and Ashkenazim in Inter-War Yugoslavia: Attitudes towards Jewish Nationalsim," Harriet Friedenreich, "The Psychology of Dynamic Self-Negatioon in a Modern Hebrew Writer, Shay Hurwitz (1861-1922)," Stanley Nash, "Did the Toledans in 1449 Rely on a real Royal Privelege? Benzion Netanyahu, "Atheism and Modern Jewish Thought: The Impact of the Mendelsohn-Jacobi Controversy on Steinheim and Rosenzweig," Moshe Schwarcz, "Greek Motifs and Myths in Modern Hebrew Literature," Eisig Silberschlag, "Messiahs: Robbers, Jurists, Prophets and Magicians," Morton Smith, and in Hebrew, "Ha-Am Kayamim hayu Kesharim ben Yehuda Ts'khyah le-bn Ha-Mordim Ha-Hositim?" Shlomo Eidelberg, "Sefer Emek Ha-Bakhah Le-R. Ya'akov ha-Kohen, al Furenot Sinigalaya Ba-Shanah 559," Daniel Karpi, "Kinah Hadashah al Kedushe Ba-Leiish Le-R. Avraham bar Shmuel Me-Shapira," Yehudah Lib Weinberg.

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