Bet Mikra/ Beth Mikra: Bulletin of The Israel Society for Biblical Research and the Department for Education and Culture in the Diaspora of the World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem, in cooperation with the World Jewish Bible Society Vol. 52 (1) Tishri-Kislev 5733 October-December 1972.

Jerusalem: Israel Society for Biblical Research, 1972. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 140 pp., a few b/w drawings, English language abstracts at the rear. Very Good. Item #49932

In Hebrew. Articles are "Who Destroyed the Solomonic City at Megiddo?" Eva Danelius, "In the Dyas of Joash, King of Judah," Ben-Zion Luria, "The Story of Abimelech," Eliashav Oren, "Tamar, Judah's Wife (Gen. 38)," Moshe Emanueli, "Psalm 2 - The Agitation of Nations and the Word of God," Amos Frisch, "va-ya'en and va-yedaber in II Kings 1:9-13," Chaim Gilead, "'Ein Yaakov' in Deuteronomy 33:28," M. Bar Magen, "What is Hona'ah," Avraham Ahuvia, "Saul's War With Amalek," Zvi Weinberg, "A.Y. Brawer, "The Chicken," A. Bilik, "Mashal, Mofet and Chida," H.R. Rabinowitz, "Identity of the Second Isaiah According to Y.D. Brach," Y.T. Radai, "Ezra and His Deeds in the Biblical and Post-Biblical Sources," Nisan Ararat, "The Distiniction Between Waw and Yod in the Qumran Scrolls," Elisha Qimron, "The Suffix in the Bible," Akiva Ben-Ezra.

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