Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review. Number 68: 30th Anniversary Issue, Fall '97/ Winter '98. Holocaust Representations Unmasked.

New York: Response, 1997. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 232 pp., b/w illustrations. Very Good. Item #49819

Articles are: Holocaust Tourism in New York," Pamela Brown, "The Berlin Monument Debate," Katharine von Ankum, "Raymond Federman'a Holocaust Fiction," Vincent A. O'Keefe, "Lawrence Langer and 'The Holocaust Experience,'" Gary Weissman, "Survivors as Storytellers," Stephane Gerson, "Reznikoff's 'Holocaust,' Rothenberg's 'Khurbn,'" Dan Feathersotn, "Fackenheim and Rubenstein Unravel Holocaust Theology," Naomi Hetherington, "100 Names from Adler to Zylber," Melissa Gould, "The Mischling Series," Corinna Ripps, "Fourteen Stations Suite," Arie A. Galles, "Art after Auschwitz: The Other Side of Memory," Stephan C. Feinstein, "Diasporic Representaions in Israeli Literature," Yerah Gover, "Benny Morris, the Refugees, and Peace," Philip Mendes, "Breaking the Covenant," Shamu Fenyvesi. Fiction by Miriam Klevan, Karen Rosenberg, and Judith Beth Cohen. Poetry by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran, Joshua Saul Beckman, Gordon Massman, Davida Singer, Tracy Slein, Jonathan Levy, Harry Waitzmann, Theresa King and Dalia Rosenfeld.

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