Hebrew Union College Annual Volume XLIX.

Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 1978. Hardbound. Octavo, brown cloth with gold lettering, iv, 338 pp. in English and 28 pp. in Hebrew. Very Good. Item #39057

Articles are "Texts from the Time of Lugalzagesi: Problems and Perspectives in Their Interpretation," Marvin A. Powell, "Deciphering the Unspoken: The Theophany of Job," James G. Williams, "A Genizah Fragment of Palestinian Targum to Genesis 15: 1-4," Michael L. Klein, "The Letter from Judah Maccabee to Aristobulus: Is 2 Maccabees 1:10b-2:18 Authentic?" Ben Zion Wacholder, "Scribed, Pharisees, Lawyers, Hypocrites: A Study un Synonymity," Ellis Rivkin, "R. Simeon b. Yohai and the Purification of Tiberias: History and Tradition," Lee Levine, "Appeals in the Jewish Courts of Palestine in the Third Century, C.E.," Matthew B. Schwartz, "A Critical Edition of Palestinian Talmud Tractate Rosh Hashana, Chapter Four," Edward A. Goldman, "New Sources for the Origins of the Rabbinic Ketubah," Markham J. Geller, "Two Controversial Points in the Karaite law of Incest," Leon Nemoy, "Tribulations and Aspirations in Yemenite Hebrew Literature," Reuben Ahroni, "Paytan and Paradox: An Analysis of Agnon's 'Lefi hasa'ar hasakhar,'" Aryeh Wineman, "The History of Hebrew Plene Spelling: V. More Committees and Government Action, 1964-1969," Werner Weinberg, "Teshuvah al Kevi'atah shel Shanat da 838 Litsirah (Las. 1077/78)," Moshe Assis.

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