Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Sefer Hamishi. Mugash Le-Binyamin Mazar ba-Mala'ot lo Hamishim Shanah/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume One. Dedicated to Professor Benjamin Mazar on his Fiftieth Birthday.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society in cooperation with The Hebrew Union College/ Jewish Institute of Religion, 1958. Hardbound. Quarto, red cloth spine with gold lettering, 259pp. , xxvvi pp. b/w plates, 97 pp. in English, maps, b/w illustartions. Very Good, except for some pencil in the English language summaries. Item #27529

With "Bibliography of the Writings of Prof. M. Schwabe," H. Beinart. Articles are "Excavations at Teluliot Batashi in the Vale of Sorek," J. Kaplan, "Palestine, Syria and Cyprus in the MB I Period," Ruth Amiran, "Cylinder Seal Impressions in the Eastern Mediterranean Area at the end of the Third Millenium B.C.," M.W. Prausnitz, "An Obsidian Core Found at Kibbutz Kabri," M. Stekeleis, "Some Problems of the Stratigraphy in Megiddo XX," M. Dothan, "The Fifth Season of Exploration in the Negev," N. Glueck, "Egyptian and Hysos Art," J. Leibovitch, "Cult Fugurines in the Eastern Plain of Esdraelon and Beth-Shean," N. Tzori, "Philistine Civilization in the Light of the Archaeological Finds in Palestine and Egypt," Trude Dothan, "History and Vision in a Mari Letter," A. Malamut, "On Some Historical References in the Bible," N.H. Tur-Sinai, "The Bearing of Psalm 81 upon the Problem of Exodus," S.E> Loewenstamm, "The Ark pf the Covenant and Cherubs," M. Haran, "'The Dial of ahaz,'" Y.Yadin, "Jachin and Boaz," S. Yeivin, "'Slag' and 'Tin' in the first chapter of Isaiah," S. Abramski, "The House of Eliakim, a Family of Royal Stewarts," H.J. Katzenstein, "'Hamah Ha-Kinim Ha-Ba'im Mahmat Avi Bet Rekhev,'" S. Talmon, "The Return from Babylon, its Time and Scope," J. Liver, "En-Dor," Z. Kallai-Kleinmann, "Bet Dagon and Gedereth-Kidron, Eltekeh and Ekron," M. Naor, "The Date of the 'Limes Palestinae,'" M. Avi-Yonah, "Mesa (A Study of Certain Features of Old Hebrew Dialects)," S. Morag, "Some Manifestations of Milra Tendency in Hebrew," I. Yeivin, "The 'Sinj of Sargon,'" H. Tadmor, "Some Observations on the Chronology of Khirbet Qumran," B. Kanael, "Excavations at Beth She'arim, 1955," N. Avigad, "The Laws of Idolatry in the Light of Historical and Archaeological Facts in the Third Century," E.A. Urbach, "Beth She'arim in Talmudic Literature," S. Saphrai, "Links Between the Jews of the Magreb and Palestrine in the Period of the Geonim," H.Z. Hirschberg.

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