Zeh ha-sefer Sifra: safir gezarrato mi-kol genizah hamudah: mayan asah min zeh Torat Kohani[m] yakar me-odem u-fitedah kadmoniyot hitbonenu shem ha-mehaber s.t.m. Sifra Rabi Yehudah le-hagiha oto ke-Mahara"r Yohanan Ish Trevesh ytsuir"u ha-deh, ke-yad ha-Shem ha-tovah alav le-ha'ir nativ le-torah veli-te'udah.

Jerusalem: 1971. Hardbound. Royal octavo, mildly sunned green cloth with gold lettering, 108 pp. Very Good. Item #20689

In Hebrew. This is a facsimile of the original 1545 edition of the Sifra as printed in Venice. The original tur is reproduced with the original type, but if there was a colophon it is not here. The only addition is a new half-title page which uses the Italian style type and a verso to the tur which has the small amount of information provided about this edition.

Price: $40.00

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