Yahadut Zemanenu/ Contemporary Jewry A Research Annual Vol. I (1983).

Jerusalem: The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, 1983. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers with flaps, 406, xxxii pp. Very Good. Item #10547

In Hebrew except for the abstracts in English at the rear. Articles are, "The Jewish Question at the 1946 Peace Conference," Jacob Talmon, "Untidiness as Jewish Political Principle," Arthur Hertzberg, "Elements of Israeli-American Relations," Ben Halpern, "Land and People," Shmule Almog, "Territorialism and Territorialist and Zionist Settlement," Haim Avni, "Conflict Foci in Israeli Society: A Historical Perspective," Moshe Lissak, "Denial of the Holocaust," Yisrael Gutman, "Jewish History in Contemporary German History Textbooks," Chaim Schatzker, "Zionist Activity in Iran from 1897 to the Present Day," Amnon Netzer, "The Separation of Transjordan from Eretz Israel - Another Angle," Yitzhak Gil-Har, "The Rescue of European Jewry and Illegal migration - Possibilities and Reality," Dalia Ofer, "The Death Marches - January-May 1945," Yehuda Bauer, "Between Messianism and Realpolitik - The "Stern" Gang and the Arab Question 1940-1947," Joseph Heller, "The American Trusteeship Proposal 1948," Menahem Kaufman, The Consultations between the Jewish Parties in Poland towards the end of 1918 with regard to the Establishment of a General Representative Body - Background and Purpose," Shlomo Netzer, "Evolution and Projection of World Jewish Population," Usiel Schmelz, "Western Migration to Israel: Some Explanatory Hypotheses," Sergio Della Pergola, "The 1979 Census Figure for Russian Jewry," Yoel Florsheim, "Studies in Jewish Demography - A Classified Bibliography for 1981-1982," Paul Glikson, "The Zionist Movement in the Light of New Research," Leni Yahil, "Italian Fascism and Mussolini and their Attitude towards the Jews," Yisrael Gutman, "Two Anti-Zionist Books," Menahem Kaufman, "The Cyprus Exile 1946-1949 as a Reflection of the "Yishuv" in Eretz Yisrel," Don Levin, "The Inner Organization of German Jewry between the two World Wars," Abraham Margaliot, "A Controversial Phenomeneon in New Perspective," Mattityahu Mintz," List of events in the Jewish World 1981/82.

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