Ber-Sheva Ketav-Et shel Ha-Mamlakah La-Mikra ule-limude Ha-Mizrah Ha-Kodem. Kerakh Bet 745. Mugash Le-Shemuel Abramski im Perishto Le-Gemla'ot / Beer-Sheva Studies by the Department of Bible and Ancient Near East Volume II. Presented to Shmuel Abramsky on his Retirement.

Beer Sheva: Ben Gurion University of the Negev Press, 1985. Softbound. Royal octavo, paper covers with flaps, frontispiece photo, 188, 44 pp., a few b/w drawings. Very Good. Item #88409

Text is in Hebrew with English language precis at the rear. Articles in Hebrew are "Bibliography of S. Abramsky," "Rabbi Eliezer Hakappar and the Bar Kappara - Father and Son?" Dan Urman, "The 'Dedication' of the Aleppo Codes," Nehemiah Aloni, "Hieratic Inscriptions from Tel sera' from the 19th and 20th Dynasties," Orly Goldwasser," "Feminine Similies Applied to God in Deutero-Isaiah," Mayer I. Guber, "Foreshadowing in Biblical Narrative," Yair Zakovitch, "On an Inscription from Hazor," Jeffrey H. Tigay, "YHWH Came Out from Sinai," Benjamin Mazar, "Two Types of 'Laying Hands Upon' in the Priestly Source," Meir Paran, "Ahuzzath and the Pact of Beer-Sheva," Jonathan D. Safran, "The Exegetical Method in Targuum to Joel," Yehuda Komlosh, "Arad = URUDU?" Aharon Kempinski, "The Appendices to the Book of Judges (Judges 17-21," Talia Rudin-O'Brasky, "The Covenant in the Land of Moab (Deut. 28:69-30-20)," Alexander Rofe. Articles in the English section are "A Bone Carving of Aphrodite from Felousiat," Barbara L. Johnson, "Sulgi and Ismedagan: Runners in the Service of the Gods (SRT 13)," Jacob Klein.

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