Essays Presented to Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie on the occasion of his seventieth Birthday.

London: The Soncino Press Limited, 1967. Hardbound. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, frontispiece photo, xl, 423 pp. Very Good. Item #98495

Jews College Publications, New Series, No. 3. Articles in English are "Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi. A Biographical Sketch," J.M. Shaftesley, "The Relations between Master and Disciple in the Talmudic Age," M. Aberbach, "Basic Changes in the Law of Israel since the Establishment of the State," N. Bentwich, "Names and the Interpretation of Names in the Pseudo-Jonathan Targum to the Book of Genesis," E. Cashdan, "The Heart of Biblical Psychology," I. Cohen, "Phonemic Problems in the Masora," A.D. Corre," "A Millenium of Early Hebrew Culture as based on Biblical Archaeology and Epigraphy," D. Diringer, "Disraeli's Hebraic Compulsions," H. Fisch, "The Sephardi Character and Outlook," S. Gaon, "The Halachic Foundation of Maimonides' Thirteen Principles," S. Goldman, "World Law and World Unity: A Religious Approach," I. Grunfeld, "Jes and Jewish Affairs in the Relations between Great Britain and Morocco in the 18th Century," H.Z. Hirschberg, "Some Recent Responsa on Medical Subjects," I. Jakobovits, "Sadna De'ar'a," L. Jung, "The Connection between Law and other Branches of Knowledge," K. Kahana, "Jephet b. Ali, the Karaite. His Place among Biblical Commentators," S.M. Lehrman, "The Humanity of the Halachah," M.S. Lew, "The Structure of London Jewry in the Mid-Nineteenth Century," V.D. Lipman, "The Doctrine of Reward and Punishment in Biblical and Early Rabbinic Writings," A. Melinek, "The Schools of Hillel, R. Ishmael and R. Akiba in Pentateuchal Interpretation," S.K. Mirsky, "Isru Hag," J. Newman, "Zionist - British Negotiations in 1906," O.K. Rabinowicz, "Christian Friends of the Talmud," S. Rappoport, "A Note Concerning Saadya's Concept of Cognition," J.J. Ross, "The Haskalah in England," C. Roth, "A Proselyte's Letter to the Congregation in Fostat," S. Schreiber, "The Jews of Cochin and their Neighbors," J.B. Segal, "Responsa as a Source for History - Methodological Problems," B.D. Weinryb, "Cassuto - The Man and his Work," I. Abrahams.

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