The Jewish Quarterly. Volume 38, Number 1 (141) Spring, 1991- Volume 39, Number 4 (148), Winter 1992-3.

London: Jewish Quarterly Trust Ltd., 1991-93. Hardbound. Royal octavo, gray cloth with white lettering, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72 pp., b/w photos, ads. Very Good. Item #98478

Articles in issue 141 are "1760 and all that," editorial, "The Sixth Jacob Sonntag Memorial Symposium: After the Cold War: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle east," Noam Chomsky, Conor Cruise O'Brien, "Crisis and first hopes: Jewish culture inthe Soviet Union," Gennady Estraikh, trrans. Barry Davis, "Reflections on Schoenberg," Kyle Greenbaum, "Beethoven's Jewish connection," Cecil Bloom, "National security and the rule of law," Colin Shndler, "The Meaning of antisemtism," Aubrey Rose, Rosemary Friedman, C.C. Aronsfeld, Arnold Wesker, Raymond Kalman, Melanie Phillips, Monty Finniston, Clive Lawton, Maurice Goldsmith, Geoffrey Alderman, "Jerusalem: An Appeal for tolerance," Teddy Kollek, "Jerusalem Dialogue," Diane Greenberg, "The Sovietization of Lithuania, 1940," Dov Levin, trans., Debbie Silver, "David Vogel: a centenary tribute," Glenda Abramson, :Teaching the Holocaust with film," Judith Doneson, poetry by Karen Alkalay-Gut, and Lotte Kramer.
Articles in issue 142 are "Fool's Gold," editorial, "Who Was Judas Iscariot?
Hyam Maccoby, "Bulgaria: Tribute to the tribe," Interview with Solomon Passy by Roumen Mitkov, "A marriage of convenience: Saddam Hussein and Islam," Efriam Karsh, "'Ruinboys' or rainbows?: survivors of the Holocaust and their children," David Herman, "The Warsaw Ghetto," Rafael F. Scharf, "A day in the life of the ghetto," Photogrpahs by Willy Georg, "Religious morality in pluralist Britain," Ross Kessel, "Edmond Jabes: a translator's tribute," Anthony Rudolf, "Zelik Akselrod and the western writers," Pearl Weissenberg-Akselrod, translated by Ida Eichler, "The story of Ehrlich and Alter," Davd Rosenberg, poetry by Tony Dinner, Jonathan Treitel, Edmond Jabes and Zelik Akselrod.
Articles in issue #143 are "Vergangenheitsbewaltigung," edtoral, "The Auschwitz Archives in Moscow," Gerlad Fleming, "Conversation with Isaiah Berlin," Ramin Jahanbegloo, "Crossings," Jakov Lind, "Edge of darkness: the Balfour Declaration and the Great War 1914-1918," Mark Levene, "Shop till you drop: Walter Benjamin's Philosophy of History," Edward Timms, "Angels of history," Gabriel Josipovici, "The Reith Lectures: The Judiac case for pluralism: a reply to Ross Kessel," Jonathan Sacks, "Thoushgrs under bombardment: a conversation with Amos Oz during the Gulf War," Eric Lee, poetry by Joyce Herbert, and Mors Farhi.
Articles in issue #144 are "

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