Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research Number 301, February, 1996.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: American Schools of Oriental Research, 1996. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 96 pp., b/w photos and drawings, maps, tables. Very Good. Item #93309

Articles are "In Memoriam: Benjamin Mazar," "A Third Millennium Levantine Pottery Production Center: Typology, Patrography, and Provenance of the Metallic Ware of Northern Israel and Adjacent Regions," Raphael Greenberg and Naomi Porat, "Highlands and Lowlands: Problemsand Survey Frameworks for Rural Archaeology in the Near East," E.B. Banning, "The Emergence of Orientalizing in Greek Art: Some Observations on the Interchange Between Greeks and Phoenicians in the Eighth and Seventh Centuries B.C," Glenn Markoe, "Sibilants and shibbolet (Judges 12:6)," Ronald S. Hendel, "A Response to Anson Rainey's 'Remarks on Redford's 'Egypt, Cnaan, and Israel in Ancient Times,''" Donald B. Redford.

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