Item #92527 Creation and Re-Creation in Jewish Thought: Festschrift in Honor of Joseh Dan on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday. Rachel Elior, Peter Schäfer.

Creation and Re-Creation in Jewish Thought: Festschrift in Honor of Joseh Dan on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday.

Tübingen: Mohr Sieback, 2005. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket with minor edgewear, frontispiece photo, viii, 416, 264 pp., notes. Very Good. Item #92527
ISBN: 3161487141

Text is in Hebrew and English sections. Articles in English are "The Talmudic Concept of Conjuring ('Ahizat 'Einaym) and the Problem of the Definition of Magic (Kishuf)," Philip S. Alexander, "On Demons," Dan Ben-Amos, "From Cosmology to Theology: The Rabbinic Appropriation of Apocalyptic Cosmology," Peter Schäfer, "The Creative Forice of a Hermeneutic Rule. The Principle 'There is No Earlier and Later in the Torah' in Midrashic and Talmudic Literature," Margarete Schlüter, "Selective Affinities. Reflections on Jewish and Christian Mystical Exegesis," Bernard McGinn, "An Unknown Commentary on the 'Book of Creation (Sefer Yezirah) from the Cairo Genizah and Its Recreation Among the Haside Ashkenaz," Klaus Hermann, "The First Two Positive Commandments in Maimonides' List of the 613 Believed to Have Been Given to Moses at Sinai," Hebrert A. Davidson, "Hasidut Ashkenaz on the Angle of Dreams. A Heavenly Messengr Reflecting or Exchanging Man's Thoughts," Annelies Kuyt, "The Midrash, 'Sefer Hasidim' and the Changng Face of God," Haym Soloveitchik, "The Medieval Saint as Protagonist and Storyteller. The Case of R. Judah he-Hasid," Eli Yassif, "Circle, Point and Line. A Lurianic Myth in the 'Puerta del Cielo,'" Gerold Necker, "'Ein Li 'Eseq ba-Nistarot'/ Saul Levi Monteira's Sermons on 'Parashat Bereshit,'" Marc Saperstein, "'The East' in the Story of the Lost Tribes. Creation of Geographical and Political Utopas," Giuseppe Veltri, "Covenant of Faith or Covernant of Fate? Competing Orthodox Conceptions of the Secular Jews," Aviezer Ravitzky, "Halakhah, Thought and the Idea of Holiness in the Writings of Rabbi Chaim David Halevi," Avinoam Rosenak, "'Absolutely Intellectually Honest'. A Case-Study of American Jewish Modern Orthodox Historiography," Kimmy Caplan, "A Case for Sainte-Beuve. Some Remarks on Gershom Scholem's Autobiography," Saverio Campanini, "Ahavat Yisrael. Nationahood, the Pariah and the Intellectual," Eric Jacobson.
Articles in Hebrew are "Genesis Exegesis: Genesis-Psalms-Job-Psalms," Yair Zakovitch, "'You Have Chosen Enoch from Among Human Beings': Enoch 'The Scribe of Righteousness' and the Scroll's Library of 'The Preists the Sons of zadok," Rachel Elior, "Restitution of the Bible," David Weiss Halivni, "'He Created all for His Glory': The Creation of the World and ts Purpose in Light of 'The Marital Blessing of the Grooms,'" Avigdor Shinan, "Women in the Teachings of the German Pietists," Avraham Grossman, "The Early Kabbalistic Exegesis on the Book of Contemplation," Giulio Busi, "The Utterance and the Holiness as Reflected in the Laws of the Sabbath," Moshe Hallamish, "The Moral of the Householders: The Book 'Sam Hayim' by Avraham Ashkenazi Apteiker from Ludmir," Jacob Elbaum and Chava Turniansky, "Creation and Re-creation: A Study in Charm Books," Hagit Matras, "The History of the Study of Kabbalah and its Dissemination in Saloniki in the 16th Century," Joseph Hacker, "The Redemption of the World or the Annihilation of the World: Restitution in Hasidism," Raya Haran, "Secularization of the Sacred? Forms of Inter-textual Expression in a Poem by Yehuda Amichai," Arnold J. Band, "Personal Inter-relations as a Mystical Aspirations n Hebrew Zionistic Literature," Hamutal Bar Yosef, "Exile in the Motherland 'Katzchen' and 'Ephraim,' Two Stories of Yoel Hoffman," Miri Kubovy, "Bibliography of Joseph Dan," Naama ben Shahar.

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