Mysticism and Meaning: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.

St. Petersburg, Florida: Three Pines Press, 2019. Softbound. Octavo, glossy paper covers, xviii, 304 pp., index. Very Good. Item #88162
ISBN: 9781931483407

Articles are "Introductory Essay: The Problem, Aporia, and Mysterium of Mysticism," Kohav, "The Anxiety of the Long-Distance Mediator," Jeff Warren, "Breaking out of One's Head (and Awakening to the World)," Gregory M. Nixon, "The Mystical Essay: Kabbala, Communism, and Street-Level Cafe Poiesis," Jack Hirschman, "Oneness with Heaven and Earth: Mysticism on the Chinese Tradition," Livia Kohn, "God of Moses versus the 'One and All' of Egypt: From Magic od statized Spirituality to Discriminaring Paradigm of Non-Idolatry," Kohav, "Toward an Existential Understanding of Christianity: Phenomenologies of Mystical States as Mediating between Kierkegaard's Christian Dogmatics and Early Gospel Accounts,' Harry T. Hunt, "Convergent Paths along the Via Spinoza: Philosophy and Mysticism from Socrates to Ibn' Arabi and the Ba'al Shem Tov," Ori Z. Soltes, "ot How the World Is, but That It Exists: Wittgenstein on the Mystical and the Meaningful," Jacob Rump, "Mystcal Maps and Psychological Models: States of Consciousness in the Language of Mysticism of the Zohar," Brian ("Les") Lancaster, "Becoming a Buddha: A Semiotic Analysis of Visualizations in Tibetan Buddhism," Louis Hebert, "Mysticism in the New Age: Are Mysticism and science Converging?" Richard H. Jones, "Fragments from Records of the First Information Age," Burton H. Voorhees.

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