Perakim be-toldot ha-yishuv ha Yehudi bi-Yerushalayim: Alef/ Chapters in the History of the Jewish Community in Jerusalem A.

Jerusalem: Yad Itzak Ben Zvi, The Department of Educational Activities, 1973. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket, 340 pp., index. Very Good-. Item #86263

Text is in Hebrew. Preface by Benjamin Mazar. Articles are "The Jewish QWuarter of the Old CIty in Jerusalem," Shmuel Avitsur, "Notes on the Development of the 'Old Yishuv' in the 19th Century," Mordecai Eliav, "The Rabbi Yohanan Ben Zakkai Synagogues," Eliahu Eliashar, "The Growth of the Jewish Community of Jerusalem in the 19th Century," Yehoshua Ben-Aireh, "On the History of 'Batei Machse,'" Avraham Bartura, "The 'Mugrabi' Community of Jerusalem in the 19th Century," Yaakov Barnai, "Clarifying the Development of Jerusalem outside the Walls," Shoshana Halevy, "Jerusalem - the Beginnings of the New City (1860-1917)," Zeev Vlinai, "The Religious and Social Life of Jerusalem in the 18th Century," Menahem Weinstein, "The Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael of Hatam Sofer's Pupils," Zvi Zahavi, "Mishkenot - the First Yemenite Quarter in Jerusalem," Yosef Tobi, "From the 'Rambam' to the 'Hurba' - Reconstruction of Synagogues in the Old City," Dan Tani, "The Gaon of Vilna and his Disciples as Founders of the 'New Yishuv' in Eretz Yisrael," Shar Yashuv Cohen, "The Settlement of Yemenitte Jews in Silwan," Zion Madmoni, "Jerusalem in the Last Hundred Years of Turkish Ottoman Rule," Moshe Ma'oz, "On the Structure of Community Leadership and the Rabbinate in the'Old Ashkenazi Yishuv' towards the end of the Ottoman Rule," Menahem Friedman, "Cultural and Religiois Cooperation Between the Shkenazim and the Sefardim in 19th Century in Jerusalem," Yehoshua Kaniel, "Cultural Conflicts in the Jewish World and the 'Yishuv' in Jerusalem in the 19th Century," Nathaniel Katzburg, "The Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Hlavey and his Contemporaries," David Tamar.

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