Sefer ha-Menuhah: perushim ve-hidushim al ha-Rambam, al hilkhot Hamets u-matsah, u-Shofar, u-Shevitat ha-asor, ve-Sukah ve-lulav.

Pressburg: Bi-defus David Levi ve-Avraham Alkala'i, 1879. Hardbound. Quarto, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards, 77 leaves [154 pp.], yellowed paper. Very Good. Item #83796

Text is in Hebrew. Manoah is an obscure Medieval Provencal scholar. This work was first published in Constantinople in 1718. This edition with the commentary of Sidon is the first such. Sidon edited Manoah's work for publication. This volume was published during Sidon's lifetime.

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