Erets Yisra'el: mehkarim bi-yediat ha-arets ve-atikoteha. Sefer shenim-ashar, Sefer Nelson Glik/ Nelson Glueck Memorial Volume. Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Twelve.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society in cooperation with The Hebrew Union College/ Jewish Institute of Religion, 1975. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, 125 pp. in English, 211 pp. in Hebrew, b/w photos and drawings. Summaries of the articles in the opposing languages, errata for Eretz-Israel XI. Two fold-out maps in a pocket on the rear paste-down endpaper. Very Good. Item #8313

Text is in both Hebrew and English, "Nelson Gleuck - A Memorial Address," Yigael Yadin, "Neslon Glueck - In Memoriam," Alfred Gottschalk, "Nelson Gleuck - A Personal Tribute," Avraham Biran. Articles in English are "Negev Survey of Nelson Glueck - Summary," Eleanor K. Vogel, "A Middle Bronze I Cemetery at Khirbet el-Kirmil," William G. Dever, "The MB II Fortifications at Shechem and Gezer - A Hyksos Perspective," Joe D. Seger, "Middle Bronze I 'Domestic' Pottery at Jebel Qa'aqir - A Ceramic Inventory of Cave G23," Seymour Gittin, "The Identification of Philistine Gath - A Problem in Source Analysis for Historical Geography," Anson F. Rainey, "The Sofetim in the Bible," Martin S. Rozenberg, "In All Fairness to Ahab - A Socio-Political Consideration of the Ahab-Elijah Controversy," Martin A. Cohen, "Ben Sira - The Bridge Between the Aaronide and Pharasaic Revolutions," Ellis Rivkin, "The Issachar Oracle in the Testament of Jacob," Stanley Gevirtz, "Amharic Parallels to Semantic Developments in Biblical Hebrew," Wolf Leslau. Articles in the Hebrew section are "The Dolmen Problem in the Light of Recent Excavations," Claire Epstein, "Middle Bronze I and Early Iron I Tombs Near Tel Rehov in the Beth-Shean Valley," M. Tsori, "A Middle Bronze I Tomb-Cave at Motza," D. Bahat, "'Lady of thr Turquise' - Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim and Timna," R. Giveon, "The Boundaries of Canaan and the Land of Israel in the Bbile," Z. Kallai, "On the Kenite-Midianite Background of Moses' Leadership," S. Abramsky, "The Two Trees in the Garden of Eden," M. Tsevat, "The Levitic City of Beth-Shemesh in Juda or in Naphtali?" Y. Tsafir, "Ezion-Geber and Ebronah," B. Mazar, "On the Problem of Tell el-Kheleifeh, Ealth and Ezion-Geber," Z. Meshal, "The Megiddo Stables," Y. Yadin, "Aphek on the Israel-Aram Border and Aphek on the Amorite Border," M. Dothan, "New Names on Hebrew Seals," N. Avigad, "The 'Nehemiah' Ostracon from Arad," Y. Aharoni, "An Early Hebrew Graffito in a Judaean Desert Cave," P. Bar-Adon, "Epigraphic Notes on the Seal of Ma'aseyahu/ Yesha'yahu," S. Yeivin, "The Historical Background of Josiah's Encounter with Necho at Megiddo," A. Malamat, "A Deposit of Votive Figurines from the Beer-Sheva Region," E. Stern, "The Architecture of Nabatean Temples," Rachel Hachlili, "On 'Nabatean Dolphins,'" Renate Rosenthal, "The Stages of Construction of Herodium," A. Segal, "Greek Cults in Beth-Shean/ Scythopolis in the Hellenic and Roman Periods," A. Ovadiah, "The Struggle for the Soil and the Revolt of 66-73 C.E.," S. Applebaum, "Thamudic Inscriptions from the Negev," J. Naveh, "Inscriptions on Rock No. 5 in Wadi Haggag, Sinai," A. Negev, "New Jewish Inscriptions in the Nabatean Sphere," H.Z. Hirschberg, "The SItes of the Limes in the Negev," M. Gichon, "Ancient Agriculture at Mamshit and the Dating of the Water-Diversion Systems in the Negev," A. Kloner, "Roman-Byzantine Dwellings at Kfar Nassej," M. Ben-Dov, "An Early Byzantine Relief at Hanita," M. Barasch, AThe Gaza School of Mosaicisnts in the Fifth-Sixth Centuries C.E.," M. Avi-Yonah, "The Contributions of Local Elements to Umayyad Art," Miriam Rosen-Ayalon," "A Court Record from Zoar on the Dead Sea," S.D. Goitein, "Notices on Palestinian Jews in Eighteenth-Century Protestant Sources," B.Z. Kedar.

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