Halachah & Medicine Today: Selections from Halakhah ve-Refuah. Expects Discuss the Application of Halachah to Contemporary Medical Practice. Mordechai Koenigsberg.

Halachah & Medicine Today: Selections from Halakhah ve-Refuah. Expects Discuss the Application of Halachah to Contemporary Medical Practice.

Jerusalem: Feldheim Publishers and Regensberg Institute Machon Ha-Rav Hershler, Institute for the Advanced Study of Halachah and Medical Problems, 1997. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket, xii, 261 pp. Very Good. Item #82755
ISBN: 0873067967

Edited by Rabbi Moshe Hershler. Introduction by Oscar A. Novick. Foreword by Eliyahu Rafael Heischerik. Preface by the editor. Articles are "May actions not directly associated with the saving of life be performed on Shabbat on behlaf of the critically ill?" R. Ovadia Yosef, "The observant physician and Shabbat," Moshe Feinstein, "The concept of danger to life as it pertains to Shabbat and to fasting on Yom Kippur," Shabtai Avraham Rappaport, "Are Shabbat restrictions set aside to save a fetus?" Moshe Hershler, "Regarding a physician traveling to a sick person on Shabbat," Yehoshua Neuwirth, "Accompanying a patient to the hospital on Shabbat," Chaim Porush, "Treatment of a non-Shabbat observer on Shabbat," Ovadia Yosef and Moshe Feinstein, "Performing Shabbat-prohibited acts by means of a non-Jew," Yehoshua Neuwirth, "On a physician's obligation to consider the patient's own assessment of the seriousness of his illness on Shabbat," Isaac Silberstein, "The patient's feelings as a basis for halachic decisions on Shabbat," Dov Ehrlich, "Taking bloom and giving injections on Shabbat," Aaron Buchman, "Blood tests on Shabbat for neonatal jaundice," Eliezer Judah Waldenberg, "Attaching medical equiptment to patients on Shabbat," Levi Yitzchak Halperin, "Non-permanent writing on Shabbat," Yitzchak Yaakov Weiss, Shlomo Zlaman Auerbach & Levi Yitzchak Halpern, "Issues regarding the use of a microphone and a tape recorded on Shabbat," Chaim David Regensberg, "Use of a voice-controlled diagnostic computer on Shabbat," Zeev Low, "On the use of fax mahines on Shabbat and Yom Tov in hospitals," Zeev Low, "Halachic problems in diagnosing and preventing infection on Shabbat," Meir Isaacson, "Medicines and remedies on Shabbat," Moshe Hershler, "A guide to treating eye disorders on Shabbat," Eliezer Judah Waldenberg, Moshe Hershler, and Elchanan Yedvab, "Medical therapy on Yom Tov," Benjamin Hirschman, "Therapeutic measurements on Shabbat," Moshe Hershler, "Brushing teeth on Shabbat," Chaim David Regensberg, "Bathing and swimming for paralyzed patients on Shabbat," Joshua Moshe Aronson, "Use of an electric blanket for the sick on Shabbat," Chaim David Regensberg, "Using modern cooking facilities on Shabbat," Yisrael Rosen, "Use of an electric oven for cooking and baking on Yom Tov," Zeev Low, "Use of automatic electric doors on Shabbat," Levi Yitzchak Halperin, "Scheduling an operation within three days of Shabbat," Menachem Mendel Schneerson, "Compensation for medical treatment on Shabbat," Chaim Porush, "Choosing between an observant and a non-observant physician," Moshe Feinstein, "The obligation to save life," Moshe Hershler, "Halachic issues regarding the treatment of kidney failure," Moshe Meiselman, "The Jewish attitude to the deaf," Yitzchak Shapiro, "Moral problems in the treatment of the elderly," Arnold J. Rosen, "Surrogate motherhood," Eliyahu Refael Heisherik.

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