Mehkarim ba-halakhah uve-mahshevet Yisra'el: mugashim li-khevod ha-Rav Menahem Imanu'el Rakman be-hagio li-gevurot/ Studies in Halakha and Jewish thought : presented to Rabbi Prof. Menachem Emanuel Rackman on his 80th anniversary.

Israel: Bar-Ilan University Press, 1994. First Edition. Hardbound. Octavo in dust jacket, 324, 66 pp. Very Good. Item #80798
ISBN: 9652261637

Text is in Hebrew with a section of English language articles at the rear. Articles in Hebrew are "Rabbi Menachem Emmanuel Rackman - Philosopher, Author and Educator," Moshe Beer, "Selections from 'One Man's Judaism,'" Emanuel Rackman, "The Jewish School in Light of 'One Man's Judaism' - A Study of Rackman's Writings," Oded Shremer, "Rackman's Approach to Halakha," R. Chaim Menachem Lewittes, "Toward an Understanding of the Talmudic Sages' Method of Study," Shlomo Zalman Havlin, "Punishment by Lashes for Rebelliousness in Maimonides' Code - A New Approach to Omissions in Maimonides' 'Mishneh Torah,'" Eliav Shochetman, "The Commandment to Send Away the Mother Bird," Joseph Tabori, "The Admission of a Litigant in Jewish Jurisprudence," Shimshon Ettinger, "Judicial Decisions by Rabenu Asher ben Yehiel in Spain," Elimelech Westreich, "The Effect of Repentance on Punishment," Nahum Rakover, "Suggestions of Vows," Shalom Rosenberg, "'Even if He Tells You Right is Left': The Validity of Moral Authority in the 'Halakha' and its Limitations," Gerald Blidstein, "The Relevance of Obligations to Animals - A Phenomenological Study of 'Halakha,'" Yochanan Silman, "The Ethical Qualities of God in 'Halakhic' Literature and the Status of the Ethical Factor in 'Halakha,'" Avi Sagi, "On the Meaning of 'Shari'ah in Maimonides' 'Guide for the Perplexed,'" Abraham Nuriel, "Determinism and Ethics in the Writings of R. Hasdai Crescas and of R.A.Y. Kook," Michael Zvi Nehorai, "The Application of Legal Reasoning to Mystical Symbolism in the Teaching of R. David Cohen 'Hanazir,'" Dov Schwartz.
Articles in the English section are "Introduction," Shlomo Eckstein, "Selected Bibliography," Menachem Emanuel Rackman, "'The Essence of Truth' Address to the Board of Trustees of Bar-Ilan University," Menachem Elon, "Emanuel Rackman, and Modern Orthodoxy," Charles S.Liebman, "The Mishna as a Source for Jewish Ethics," Marvin Fox, "Maimonides and Samuel Ibn Tibbon on Jeremiah 9:22-23 and Human Perfection," Menachem Kellner, "'Letter to My Son,'" Menachem Emanuel Rackman.

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