Tsiyon: Reve'on Le-Heker Toldot Yisrael. Shanah Kaf"Bet, Hov. A-D, 717/ Zion: A Quarterly for Research in Jewish History, Volume XXII, 1957.

Jerusalem: The Historical Society of Israel, 1957. Hardbound. Royal octavo, gray cloth with gold lettering, original paper wraps bound in, 80, x, 81-181, xi, 183-246, viii pp., index, English languages precis at the end. Very Good. Item #78524

Text is in Hebrew except as noted. Articles are "The Jewish Revolt in Egypt (A.D. 115-117)," A. Fuks, "Judaizant Berbers of North Africa," H.Z. Hirschberg, "The first Sabbatian 'Maggid' in the Bet-Midrash of Rabbi Abraham Rovigo," I. Tishby, "The Woszczylo Revolt," I. Halpern, "A Thirteenth Century Tombstone of a Proselyte's Daughter discovered at Neuberg on the Danube," D.J. Cohen, "The Resettlement of the Jews in Breslau (Wroclaw) in the 17th Century," D.B. Brilling, "A Ban of the Lithuanian Council of Provinces against Interference with the Economic Rights of the Karaites," I. Klausner, "Riots against the Jews in Metz in 1792," Z. Szajkowski, "Three Additional Remarks on the Jewish Rebellion in Cyrene under Trajan," S. Applebaum, "The Attitude of R. Aaron of Karlin to the Kehilah System," I. Halpern, "The Historical Faces of Russian Jewry and Problems connected with its Study," B. Dinur, "The Struggle of Hungarian Jewry for religious Equality in the 1890's," N. Katzburg, "The Orientation of the Zionist Executive's Policy on the Eve of the First World War," P.A. Alsberg, "Dr. Joseph Meisl z"l - An Obituary," G. Herlitz, "The Holy Assembly of Jerusalem," S. Safrai, "Associations for the Study of the Torah and for Good Deeds and the Spread of the Hassidic Movement," I. Halpern, "The Jewish Communal Organization in the Danubian Principalities during the period of the 'Organic Statute' (1832-1857)," E. Feldman, "The Bene Sogmar of al-Mahdiya," H.Z> Hirschberg, "The place of R. Israel Isserl of Strasbourg's activity," I. Sonne, "Note on the Tombstone at Neuberg on the Danube," D.J. Cohen.

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