Tsiyon: Reve'on Le-Heker Toldot Yisrael. Shanah Yud"Het, 713 - Shanah Kaf, 715, Hov. A-D, 726/ Zion: A Quarterly for Research in Jewish History, Volume XVIII, 1953 - Volume XX, 1955. With the index of the first XX volumes included.

Jerusalem: The Historical Society of Israel, 1953-1955. Hardbound. Royal octavo, black cloth with gold lettering, original paper wraps bound in, 88, iv, 89-177, iii, 85, iii, 89-173, iii, 118, x, 119-224, x pp., index, English languages precis at the end, yellowed paper. Very Good. Item #78523

Text is in Hebrew except as noted. Articles in Volume XVIII are "R. Elazar B.R. Shimon in the Roman Government service of Palestine," Y. Gutman, "Panegyrics in the honor of a noble Baghdad," Alexander Sheiber, "Notes and supplements to the article of A. Sheiber," M. Zulai, "Religious tolerance in the halakhic and philosophical system of Rabbi Menahem Hame'iri," J. Katz, "The diaries of the delegates of the Bordeaux Jews to the Malesherbes Commission (1788) and the National Assembly (1790)," Zosa Szajkowski, "References to the Khazars and tribes contained in Ibn Shaprut's letter to the King of the Khazars," "German laws contained in one of the responsa of R. Gershom, 'The light of Diaspora,'" Shlomo Eidelberg, Simha Assaf, z"l," B. Dinur, "The Ancient Hassidism in Philo's writings and in Hebrew Tradition," I. Baer, "The Author of the Book of Josiphon: his personality and his age," D. Flusser, "A New Responsum of Rabbi Joseph Kolon concerning Palestine," D. Tamar, "The Muscovite State and its Attitude towards the Jews," S. Ettinger, "The Writings of Prof. B. Dinur 1949-1954 (A Bibliography)," D.J. Cohen.
Articles in Volume XIX are "A Letter of Abrham Cardozo to the Rabbis of Smyrna," Gershom Sholem, "The Rebellion of the Jews of Cyrenaica in the Times of Trajanus," S. Apfelbaum, "'The Excommunication Against the Interruption of Prayer' and a new Recension of 'Rabbi Gershom's Regulations," E. Roth, "The Riddle of 'Benai Maron' and its Solution," A.A. Akavyah, "A Lamnet of the Ten Martyrs of the Grenoble Kehila," E. Shirman, "On the Commerical Links between the Jews of Poland and Breslau During the Nineties of the 17th Century," B. Briling, "Eulogies and an evaluation on the personalities of Prof. Eugen Taubler," M. Schwabe, Y. Baer and B.Z. Dinur, "Activities of the Jewish Historical Society and the Jewish Historical General Archives," "The Religious Ideas of the Judean Sect," D. Flusser, "Rabbenu Tam's Attitude to the Problems of the Time," S. Albeck, "Wealth and Poverty in the Teaching of the Preacher Reb Ephraim of Lenczyca," H.H. Ben-Sasson, "The Files on the Damascus Affair in the Archives of the French Foreign Ministry," Z. Szajkowski, "The Historical Commission for the History of the Jews in Germany," I. Meisl, "On Rabbi Israel Sruk," D. Tamar.
Articles in Volume XX are "Ye Shall not Eat on the Blood," Y.M. Grinz, "The Rise and Fall of the Empire of Jeroboam II," M. Haran, "The Personality of Elijah, Gaon of Vilna, and his Historical Influence," H.H. Ben-Sasson, "Ideological Sources of the Jewish Labor Movement in Russia at its Inception," M. Mishkinsky, "About the Origins of the Chelkm and Wlodzimierz Communities," S. Eidelberg, "Some Aspects of Judaism as Presented in the Synoptic Gospels," Y. Baer, "The Jewish Community of Pinsk from the Khmelnotsky Massacres to the Peace of Andruszow (1648-1667)," M. Nadav, "The Personality of Elijah, Gaon of Vilna, and his Historical Influence (Conclusion," H.H. Ben-Sasson, "Jacob Leszschnisky z"l, an Obituary," B. Dinur, "N.M. Gelber z"l, an Obituary," Y. Sloutsky, "About the Persecutions during the First Crusade," J. Hacker.

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