Or Shemu'el: kovets Torani. Kovets Hidushe Torah Ba-Halakhah uve-Agada. Sivan 5754. .

Skokie: Hebrew Theological College, 1994. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 178, 68 pp. Very Good. Item #76326

Text is in Hebrew and with an additional section in English at the rear. The articles in the Hebrew section are "From the Rabbi Saul Silber Memorial Library's Manuscript Archive: Metal Pipes and Faucest in Chicago's First Mikva; The Sale of Chicago Businesses Open on Saturday on Non-Jews for Shabbat Only," HaGaon HaRav Tzvi Hirsh Rabinowitz, "Notes on Tractate Kiddushim," Shlomo Morgenstern, "The Acquisition Effected by Chupa," Yosef Aryeh Leff, "Lectures in Chaper Ha'Omer, Tractate Kiddushin," Avraham Friedman, "Parameters of Acquisitions vs. Seizures," Bechhofer, "The Definition of a Ger Toshav," Bechhofer, "Airspace that Negates Halachic Enclosures," Tzvi Haskell, "Notes and Novellae on the Beginning of Tractate Makkot," Gershon Eliezer Schaffel and Shimon Yitzchak Nelson, "Rab'it Implications of Mortgages on Houses," Micha Greenland, "Seizures of Bechorot by Kohanim," Daniel Lefton, "Acquiring a Found Object for Someone Else," Yerachmiel Pickholtz, "The Preparation of Universal Necessities on Yom Tov," Yirmiyahu Neuman, "Etrogim Grown from Seeds That May Have Come from a Grafted Tree," Shraga Feivel Shuster, "Niddah Cycles: Torah or Rabbinic Origin," Akiva Meir Isaacs, "Grooms and the Recitiation of Sh'ma," Zvi N. Karesh, "The Prohibiyion of Eating and Drinking Prior to Prayer," David Riceman, "Issues of Yomim Tovim: Publicizing the Miracles of Chanuka and Purim; Mishlo'ach Manot and Matanot l'Evyonim; Purim that Coincides with Sukkot; Defining the 'Freedom' of Pesach; Bathing on Erev Shabbat Chazon," Shlomo Morgenstern, "Serve Him with His Torah and in His Mikdash," Morgenstern, "Analyses of the Semantic Approaches of our Sages in Halacha and Agada," Binyamin Olstein, "Simcha at a Brit Mila," Bechhofer, "The Study of Kabbala," Yaron Kimmelman.
Articles in English are "Hesped: Reflectiosn of a Family," Shaul Bellows, "A Living Torah," Norman E. Frimer, "A Monument of Service," Aryeh Avraham Frimer, "Yisrael and Yehudi," Morgenstern, "Army Chaplaincy and Shmirat HaMitzvot," Morgenstern, "Changing Neighborhoods: May the Jews Leave?" Bechhofer, "A Halachic State Accordning to HaGaon HaRav Yitzhak Isaac Halevi Herzog, zts"l," Shmuel Jablon, "Supernatural Law," David Riceman, "Brisk and Salant," Riceman, "Samson's Other Eye," Riceman, "An Outlook on the Essence of Prayer," Zvi N. Keresh, "The Sin of Shlomo HaMelech," Tzvi Dov Miller.

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