Muda'ut: Hagut, Mistikah, Kabalah, Parapsikholoyah. Shanah Dalet, Gilyon Mas. 26, Mars 1987/ "Mudaoot"

Haifa: Agudah ha-benle'umit le-fituah ha-muda'ut, 1987. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 242 pp., b/w drawings. Very Good. Item #72091

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "The source of man and the secret of his development on earht," Gila Biyum, "Intuition as a tool for understanding the world," Anava Kantur, "The special way of Rabi Avraham Abulafia," Menashe Eyni, "'Love' - the way of spiritual development," Avraham Oron, "The meaning of the aura colurs, (based on Rampa's bboks)," Jaber Abu-Rukun, "The special spiritual path og 'Hasiduth Bratslav,'" Amos Cohen, "The source of the sapphire for spiritual mighty and as a key to a marvalous [sic] world," Abraham Elisha, "The biography of the parapsychologist Margot Klouzner, "Sleep as a sister to death," Klouzner, "Sleeping, dreaming and night," Rachel Noistadt, "To born again - the story of Josefp Dipong," Michal Kolai, "Encounters of the third kind (UFOS - reality or imagination?)," Hadas Arbel, "We and the UFO," Frida Fogel, "The way of lighting (according to Tibetian Budhizm)," Aliza Omer, "The aura as a mirror of the human spirit," Gila Buyum, "The four worlds in the Kabala, as the worlds of existence," Morcechai Dvir, "A part from a personal diary," Nethanya Bar-Shalom," Heal yourself," Frida Fogel.

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