Yeda-am: bamah le-folklor Yehudi. Kerakh Tet"Vav Mas. 37-38/ Yeda-'Am: Journal of the Folklore Society in Israel Volume XV, No. 37-38.

Tel Aviv: Folklore Society in Israel, 1971. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 141, vii pp., b/w photos, musical notation. Good. Item #71128

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "'Ha-Maestra': a Sephardic kindergarten of Jerusalem," Moshe Baruchof, "Customs Prevailing duting the day of Matnat Yad, i.e, on the eighth day of Passover, on the 2nd day of Shavuot and on Shmini Atzeret," A.N.Z. Roth, "Marriage Customs Prevailing among Afghanistan Jews," Zevulon Kort, "Arab Reconcilaition Customs," Menache Many, "First Traces of Haman Thrashing in Hungary," Alexander Scheiber, "An Amulet in the Shape of a Neckalce employed by the Sandak who used to place it on the newly-born infant," Florence Gugenheim, "Various Maigc Charms and Prognostication by Rainbow," Yitzhak Ganoz, "Jewish Laws Bearing on Proslytization," Mordecai Ha-Cohen, "Proseplytes in Jewish History," Yohanan Arnon "The Wonderful Pheonix Bird which is termed in Hebrew khol," Lewinski, "Jews and Gentiles in Folklore," Haim Schwarzbaum, "Legend of the Birth of King David," Shimon Todor, "Story about inexorable, unrelenting fate," Nehamat Zion, "16th century Yemenite Poet, David Ben-Yesha," Yehudah Rassabi, "Folklore item from playwright and translator David Franco-Mendes of Amsterdam," A.Z. Ben-Ishai, "Who is the author of the song 'I am a Little Jew,'" Joseph Cohen-Zedek"Three Zion Songs,' David Tajer, etc.

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