Kovets sifte tsadikim. Me'asef La-Torat Ha-Hasidiut Firsum Genazah ve-Heker Toldotehah, Kovets Dalet Tevet 752/ Kovetz Sifsei Tzadimim: A Collection of Toras Hahassidus, Revelation of Hassidic Documents & Biographical Researches. Issue Four Shevat 5752.

Jerusalem: Mekhon "Sifte tsadikim" 1992. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 136 pp. Very Good. Item #71078

Text is in Hebrew. Responsa and Commentaries are "Concering the infringement of rights, to Rabbi Shloime Kluger, and his response," Yeshaya Naftali Hertz of Dinov, "Comments on Krias Hatorah to Rabbi Moishe Nachum Yerushalimski," Shalom Perlow of Brahin - Koidonov, "A. Letter to Rabbi Moishe Nachum Yerushalimski concerning his sefer on Mesichtos Ktanos. B. Approbation of Rabbi M.N. Yerushalimski. C. Commentary on Mesichta Cusim," Shloime Chaim Perlow of Bolichov.

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