Yeda-am: bamah le-folklor Yehudi. Kerakh Tet-Zayin Mas. 39-40/ Yeda-'Am: Journal of the Folklore Society in Israel Volume XVI, No. 39-40.

Tel Aviv: Folklore Society in Israel, 1972. Softbound. Octavo, soiled paper covers, 166, xviii pp., b/w photos, musical notation. Good. Item #70972

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "The 500th Anniversary of the Blood Libel in Endigen," Lewinski, "Reasons and Origins of shaving a woman's hair prior to her marriage," Ernst Roth, Vision of Eternal Peace in Folklore," Haim Schwartzbaum, (Cumulative Tales (Aa-th 2014)," Elisheva Schonfeld, "Dream Serving as Bride between twom worlds," Shimon Todro, History of the popular Maymunah feast celebrated by North African Jews at the conclusion of the Passover festival," Isakhar Ben-Ami, "Two Legends bearing on the marvellous feats of the Saint, Rabbi Shemuel Abu Haiseira (together with comparative remarks concerning the diffusion of legends)," Yehuda Ratzaby, "Family names adopted b Jewish immigrants to the United States," Akiva Ben-Ezra, "Passover Haggadah recently published by Saloniki Jews (under the editorship of Mr. Shibi Baruch)," Baruch Uziel, "Records from Mrs. Esther Zagdon (a newcomer from Tripoli, Kybia) data concerning the preparation of cakes for the feat [of Shavuot] in the shape of a ladder," Malka Cohen, "Divergent Methods adopted by Jewish youngsters in Tsarist Russia in order to evade military service," Shimon Halamish, "Contributions to the History of Tetuan Jewry," Haim Cohen, "The Notion of Peace in Jewish Folk-Song," Joseph Cohen-Zaedk, "An Unknown version of the Yiddish Folk-Song 'Hot a Yid a Weibele,'" Meir Noy, An Arabic popular song, 'Anshidat lafo, by the well-known Egyptian singer Abd-ul-Wahab, "An extremely popular song sung at Lida (between Vilna and Grodno) at the end of the twenties," Isaac Ganoz, "An account ofm the composer Samuel Gottinger of LUblin (Poland)," M. Gotfinger, Six Bukharian stories of Jerusalem," Moshe Borochov, "Five anecdots from Jacob Neuman of Host (Czechoslovakia)," Malka Cohen, two other stories recorded from informants, biographies of Abraham Jacob Stern and Israel Abraham Stafel, by Julian Bartys, "Ansky's achievements in the domain of Jewish folklore," Joseph Tscherniak, biography of Nahum Slouschz by Mordechai Hampel, "Stories of R. Moshe Yaakov, the Shoemaker," Joseph Birakov, additional memoirs and bibliographical articles.

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