Kiryat sefer: rivon bibliyografi shel Bet ha-sefarim ha-leumi veha-universita'i bi-Yerushalayim. Kerakh Nun"Dalet Hov. Daley, Elul, 739/ Kirjath Sepher: Bibliographical Quarterly of the Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem. Vol. 54, No. 4, September, 1979.

Jerusalem: Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem, 1979. Softbound. Royal octavo, mildly worn paper covers, 617-832 pp. Good. Item #70955

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "'A New Fragment of the Origianl Arabic Version of R. Judah ibn Bal'am's Sefer 'Ottiyot ha-Inyanim' (Book of Particles)," Sh. Abramson, "An Unknown Version of the Anonymous Play 'Di genarte Velt,'" Ch. Shmeruk, "Isaac Satanow and the Problem of Author Identification in the Hebrew Literature of his Time," M. Pelli. Notes are "R. Johanan Alemanno and the Astrological Treatise 'Ma'amar Hoze'; a Supplement to 'Treatise on Eschatology and Astrology' (Above, p. 174-194)," M. Idel, "R. Naphtali Hirsch Alstschuler's 'Ayalaa Sheluha,' Krakow 5355 (?)," I. Yudlov, "Corrigenda to the Article 'Dov Ber Schneersohn's 'Kuntres ha-Hitpa'alut' by R. Elior (Above, p. 387-391)," Sh.D. Levine.

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