Kiryat sefer: rivon bibliyografi shel Bet ha-sefarim ha-leumi veha-universita'i bi-Yerushalayim. Shanah Lamed"Dalet Hov. Gimel, Sivan, 719/ Kirjath Sepher: Bibliographical Quarterly of the Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem. Vol. XXXIV, no. 3, June, 1959.

Jerusalem: Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem, 1959. Softbound. Royal octavo, paper covers, 265-400 pp., a few b/w plates. Good. Item #70949

Text is in Hebrew. Includes the studies "The Paytan R. Moshe b. R. Mazliah," A. Mirsky, "A Collection of Wills," A. Yaari. From the Collections: "The Worms Machzor," E.D. Goldschmidt, "A Scroll of Esther in Spanish (with 1 facsimile)," I. Joel. Notes are "Notes about R. Meir of Rothenburg's Opinion on Martyrdom (K.S. XXXIII, 376-377)," D. Tamar, "Notes on "Letters from P. Smolenskin to J.L. Gordon' (K.S. XXXIV, 117-134, 241-262)," N.M. Gelber and Z. Harkavi, "The Prague Edition of Sefer Yetzirah," H. Liberman.

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