Bet Mikra/ Beth Mikra: Bulletin of The Israel Society for Biblical Research and the Department for Education and Culture in the Diaspora of the World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem, in cooperation with the World Jewish Bible Society Vol. 50 (3) Nissan-Sivan 5732, April-June 1972.

Jerusalem: Israel Society for Biblical Research, 1972. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 261-384, iv pp., b/w plates, map, English language abstracts at the rear. Very Good. Item #70815

In Hebrew. Articles are "Two Prophecies on the Resurgence of Jerusalem," B.Z. Luria, "The Citations in the Book of Ezekiel as a background for the Prophecies," Moshe Greenberg, "The Contribution to Textual Criticism to Literary Criticism of Research on Jeremiah," E. Taub, "Genesis I and the Sabbath," Arie Toeg, "The Lulim of the Temple," Moshe Gil, "Second Kings 2: 10-21 and Second Kings 4:38-41," J. Zackovitch, "Attitudes Towards the Book of Job as Reflected by Jewish and Christian Thinker: A Survey," J. Roth, "For Dust Thou Art," M. Granot, "The Historical Background to the Prophecies of Zephania 1-2," A. bartel, "Aspects of Biblical Information," M. Bar-Magen, "Psalm 93," J. Solomon, "Gen. 25:22-26," I. Kollar, "Ephraim of Transjordan," A.J. Brawer, "Isa. 6:10," A. Cohen, "Nocturnal Warfare," Yisrael Ben Shem, "A New Introduction to the Bible and Hebrew Linguistics," N. Aloni, "The Computer Bible," J. Gil.

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