Kiryat sefer: rivon bibliyografi shel Bet ha-sefarim ha-leumi veha-universita'i bi-Yerushalayim. Shanah Kaf"Het Hov. Bet-Gimel, Av, 712/ Kirjath Sepher: Bibliographical Quarterly of the Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem. Vol. XXVIII No. 2-3, August 1952.

Jerusalem: Jewish National and University Library Jerusalem, 1952. Softbound. Royal octavo, paper covers, 121-280 pp., water-staining at the edges. Good. Item #70356

Text is in Hebrew. Includes the studies "Midrash Agur," S. Ch. Kook, "Books and Fragments on Alfasi or in his Mind," B. Benedikt, "Studies in Hebrew Poetry, 1951," J. Schirmann, "Hebrew Printing in Hungary, III, Paks," J. Kohn, "The Literature of the Jews in Crimea," I. Ben-Zevi, "The Literature of the Yemenite Jews," Y. Ratzaby, "Who is R. Samuel b. Moses the Writer of the Notes in Maimonides' Autograph Copy of his Commentary on the Mishna," M. Benayahu.

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