Yediot ha-Hevrah ha-Ivrit la-hakirat Erets-Yisrael ve-atikoteha. Shanah Yud-Het, Gimel-Dalet, 714/ Bulletin of the Israel Exploration Society, Vol. XVIII, 3-4, 1954. This issue is dedicated to M. Avi-Yonah on his Fiftieth Birthday.

Jerusalem: Ha-Hevrah, 1954. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 113-294, xii pp., maps, drawings, b/w plates. Very Good-. Item #65310

Text is in Hebrew. Articles are "Bibliography of M. Avi-Yonah," "The Excavations at Tell Abu-Matar near Beer-Sheba. (1953-1954)' J. Perrot, "The Cult of the Ass in Antiquity," J. Leibowitch, "A Fragmentary Stele of Tuthmosis III from Armant," S. Yeivin, "Sargon's Campaigns against Ashdod," H. Tadmor, "Seven Ancient Hebrew Seals," N. Avigad, "A Hebrew Inscription from 'Illar," B. Mazar, "Recently Discovered Jewish Inscriptions," M. Schwabe, "The Excavation of an Ancient Cemetery near Tel Baruch," J. Kaplan, "Gabinius' Partition of Judaea," B. Kannael, "A Re-examnination of the Judgement of Solomon's Fresco at Pompeii," I. Guttman, "Atstal (Zechariah 14, 5) - Jabal Abu-Tor," J.W. Hirschberg, "The Stratigraphy of the Yarmukian Culture," M. Stekelis, "The Meaning of the Beth-Alpha Mosaic," R. Wischnitzer, "The Relation of Helios and the Quadriga to the Rest of the beth-Alpha Mosaic," S. Renov, "Burgi and Burgarii in Eretz-Israel," S. Appelbaum, "Excavations at beth-Hashitta," Y. Aharoni, "Excavation of a Byzantine Monastery near Sha'ar Ha'aliya," M. Dothan, "A Samaritan Inscription from Kfar Bilu," I. Ben-Zvi, "A Minor Detail Concerning Jewish Influence on Muslim Coinage," L.A. Mayr, "The Population of Galilee," D.H.K. Amiran, "Rock Engravings in the Central negev," I. Anati, "Masada," S. Guttman, "On the Bibliography of S. Klein," Z. Harkabi, "A Note on Beth-She'arim Excavations," J.J. Rabinowitz, "A Lamp with a Samaritan Inscription," N. Zori, "Hebrew Names of Settlements Derived from Arabic," Z. Vilnai, "The Ninth Annual Convention at Beer-Sheva, 1953."

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