Israel Exploration Journal, Volume 4, Number 3-4, 1954.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1954. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 137-304 pp., b/w drawings, maps, tables, 16 pp. b/w plates, index. Very Good. Item #65269

Articles are "Hebrew Seals and Stamps IV," A. Reifenberg, "Bibliography of A. Reifenberg," Mikla Cassuto-Salzmann, "The Hebrew Coin Script," L. Kadman, "The Jaffa Hoard of Alexander Jannaeus," A. Kindler, "The Coinage of Agrippa the First," J. Meyshan (Mestschanski), "A Hoard of Syrian Tetradrachms nad Tyrian Bronze Coins and Gush Halav," H. Hamberger, "Gath and Gittaim," B. Mazar, "Three Ornamented Hebrew Seals," N. Avigad, "The Walls of Nehemiah - A Minimalist View," M. Avi-Yonah, "Greek Inscriptions Found at Beth She'arim in the Fifth Excavation Season, 1953," M. Schwabe, "Islamic Glassmakers and their Works," L.A. Mayer, "Interpretations of Polymorphic Profiles in Soils of the Eastern Mediterranean," M. Rim, "Calcareous Soils of Israel," D.H. Yaalon, "Early Excessive Rainfall and Soil Erosion in Israel," D.H.K. Amiran and M. Gilead.

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