Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Kerakh Esrim ve-Shtayim. Sefer David Amiran/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Twenty-Two. David Amiran Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society , in cooperation with The Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1991. Hardbound. Quarto in dust jacket, frontispiece photo, xxii, 226, 41 pp., b/w photos, drawings and plans. Very Good. Item #63869

IN HEBREW except for the English Summaries at the rear and the Articles in the Non-Hebrew section. Articles in the Non-Hebrew Section are "The Scholarly Work of David Amiran," Arie Shacher, " A Federated Solution to Division, Conflict and the Need for Geopolitical Restructiring in New York City," Saul B. Cohen, "Seasonal Variations and Climatic Trends in the Southern Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Adjacent Parts of the Indian Ocean," H. Flohn and A. Kapala, "The Skyscaper and the Skyline," Joseph Guttmann.
Articles in Hebrew are "Water of Afflication," Shmuel Avitsur, "Between Village and Suburb: The Changing Face of Rural Settlement in Israel," Levia Applebaum and David Newman, "Changes in israel's Urban System after Forty Years of Statehood (1948-1988)," Elisha Efrat, "A Geographical Analysis of Imperial Rule: The British Regime in Eretz-Israel (Palestine), 1917-1929," Gideon Biger, "The Charachter of Hebrew Geographic Literature about Eretz-Israel During the Nineteenth Century and Until World War I," Yehoshua Ben-Arieh, "The Supply of Food to Jerusalem from its Rural Environment During the Late 19th and 20th Centuries," Moshe Brawer, "Temporal and Spatial Changes of the Center of the Rainfall map of Israel," Yair Goldreich and Gil Gadoth, "Gentrification of Neighborhoods in Israelim Cities," Amiram Gonen, "Arab Endogenic and Exogenic Settlement Processes in Eretz-Israel," David Grossman, "Lovers of Zion Build Jerusalem," Menashe Har'el "From Frontier to Periphery," Shlomo Hasson, "Landscape and Place in the Works of Aharon Megged," Yehoshua Cohen, "Development Towns and Their Rural Hinterland - Spatial Analysis of Social Inequality," Gabriel Lipshitz, "Provision of Public Services to the Post-Nomadic Bedouin Society in Israel," Avinoam Meir, "Regional Enterprises in Israel: A Trend in Regional Development," Dov Nir, "On Teaching Environmental Issues at the University," Ilan Solomon, "The Galilee on the National Agenda - A Spatial View," Baruch Kipnis, "Geography of Functions or of Landscapes?" Yehuda Karmon, "Original Maps and Their Coies: Cartogenealogy of the Early Maps of Jerusalem, from the 15th to the 18th Century,' Rehav Rubin, "Agriculture and Rural Planning During the First Decade of Israel's Independence," Avshalom Rokach and Raanan Weitz, "Trends in the Industrial Geography of Israel During the Fifties and Sixties," Eran Razin, "The Absorptive Capacity of Palestine, 1882-1948: A Geographical Appraisal," Shalom reichman, Yossi Katz and Yair Paz, and Cultural Deprivation in Center and Periphery,' Eliahu Stern.

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