Erets Yisrael Mehkarim Be-Yediat Ha-Arets va-Atikotiyah Sefer Asiri. Sefer Zalman Shazar/ Eretz-Israel Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies, Volume Ten. Zalman Shazar Volume.

Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1971. Hardbound. Quarto, orange cloth with brown lettering, frontispiece photo, iv, 282 pp., 35-72 pp. duotone plates, b/w photos, drawings and plans (some fold-out). Very Good. Item #63864

IN HEBREW except for the English Summaries at the rear. Articles are "The Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem Near the Temple Mount - Second Preliminary Report, 1969-70 Seasons," B. Mazar, "The Omayyad Structures Near the Temple Mount (Preliminary Report)," M. Ben-Dov, "The Burial-Vault of a Nazarite Family from the Second Temple Period of Mount Scopus," N. Avigad, "The Caesarea Porphyry Statue," M. Avi-Yonah, "The Stratification of Israelite Megiddo," Y. Aharoni, "A Midrash of Redemption from Late Crusader Times," E.E. Urbach, "More on 'Semadar' on a Jar from hazor," M. Altbauer, "The Testimony of R. Eliahu Ashkenazi of Safed Concerning the Sabbateanism of R. Haim Malach and R. Yehuda Hasid," M. Benayahu, "Another Settlement of the Judean Desert Sect at 'Ain el-Ghuweir on the Dead Sea," P. bar-Adon, "En Tannin (Neh 2:13)," J. Braslavi, "The David Mosaic at Gaza," M. Barasch, "Arabic Documents on the Palestinian Gaonate," S.D. Goitein, "The Conquest of Jaffa by Napolean," M. Gichon, "Incense Altars," N. Glueck, "The Late Chalcolithic Period in Plaestine - Chronology and Foreign Contacts," M. Dothan, "The Author of Dibrei Yosef and his Attitude towards the Duty of Settling in eretz-Israel," H. Z. Hirschberg, "Methodological Observations on the Depiection of the Exodus Route in the Pentateuchal Sources," M. Haran, "Bernard of Clairvaux, the Templars and the Significance of the Holy Land," R.J.Z. Werblowsky, "An Inscribed South-Arabian Clay Stamp from Bethel?" Y. Yadin, "'To Judah in Israel' (2 Kings 14:28)," S. Yeivin, "Ottoman Documents on the Building of Haifa in the 18th Century," A. Cohen, "The Walls of Jerusalem at the end of the Second Temple Period," B. - Z. Lurie, "The Investiture of Levi," S.E. Loewenstamm, "The Danite Migration and the Pan-Israelite Exodus-Conquest: A Biblical Narrative Pattern," A. Malamat, "New Graffiti from Sinai," A. Negev, "New Inscriptions on Ossuaries from Northern Jerusalem," J. Naveh, "Darb el-Hawarneh - An Ancient Route," B. Oded, "The Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area," D. Amiran and A. Shachar, "An Old Baraita on Deuteronomy," L. Finkelstein, "The Literary Creativity of the Jews of Cohin on the Malabar Coast," W.J. Fischel, "The Liberation of Jerusalem: A Prophecy in the New Testamant," D. Flusser, "Four New Documents on the Controversy over the Writings of hayun," M. friedman, "Four Greek Inscriptions from the Beth-Shean Valley," N. Tzori, "Byzantine Churches and Inscription in Israel," V. Tzaferis, "The Kingdom of Rehoboam," Z. Kallai, "A Second Samaritan Amulet from Tel Aviv," J. Kaplan, "Urban Institutions, Personages and Problems of Terminology in Biblical Presentations on Non-Israelite Cities," H. Reviv, "Surface Remains Pertaining to the Fall of Macherus," A.F, Rainey, "Archemenid Lion-Stamps from the Satrapy of Judah," E. Stern, "The Status of Provincia Judaea and Its Governors in the Roman Empire under the Julio-Claudian Dynasty," M. Stern.

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