The Jews of China. Volume One: Historical and Comparative Perspectives. Jonathan Goldstein, edited and.

The Jews of China. Volume One: Historical and Comparative Perspectives.

Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1999. Softbound. Octavo, glossy paper covers, xxiv, 308 pp. Very Good. Item #63581
ISBN: 0765601044

Concluding Essay by Benjamin I. Schwartz. Articles are "The Synagogue at Kaifeng: Sino-Judaic Architexcture of the Diaspora," Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt, "Kaifeng Jews: The Sinification of Identity," Irene Eber, "The Confucianization of the Kaifeng Jews: Interpretations of the Kaifeng Stelae Inscriptions," Andrew H. Plaks, "The Revelation of a Jeish Presence in Seventeenth-Century China: Its Impact on Western Messinic Thought," Michael Pollak, "Memories of Kaifeng's Jewish Descendants today: Historical Significance in Light of Observations by Westerners Since 1605," Wendy R. Abraham, "The Kaifeng Jews and India's Bene Israel: Different Paths," Shirley Barry Isenberg, "Cochin Jews adn Kaifeng jews: reflections on Caste, Surname, 'Community,' and Conversion," Barbara C. Johnson,"The Judaism of Kaifeng and Cochin: Parallels and Divergences,"Nathan Katz, "Baghdadi Jews in India and China in the Nineteenth Century: A Comparison of Economic Roles," Joan G. Roland, "The Shanghai-Nagasaki Judaic Connection, 1859-1924," Lane Earns, "Environmental Interactions of the Jews of Hong Kong," Dennis A. Leventhal, "The Construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway and the Origins of the Harbin Jewish Community, 1898-1931," Zvia Shickman-Bowman, "Harbin's Jewish Community, 1898-1958: Politics, Prosperity, and Adversity," Boris Bresler, "Silas Aaron Hardoon and Cross-Cultural Adaptation in Shanghai," Xu Buzeng, "Jewish Musicians in Shanghai: Bridging Two Cultures," Harriet P. Rosenson, "The Shanghai Zionist Association and the International Politics of East Asia Until 1936," Maruyama Naoki, "Zionism and Zionist-Revisionism in Shanghai, 1937-1949," Pan Guang, "Who Can See a Miracle? The Language of Jewish Memory in Shanghai," Vera Schwarcz.

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