Ha-Kibuts: Bama ben-tehomot la-heker ha-hevrah ha-kibutsit 6-7/ The Kibbutz: Interdisciplinary Reseach Review 6-7.

Tel Aviv: Higher Education and Research Authority of the Federation of Kibbutz Movements, 1978/9. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 356. LII pp., tables, notes, bibliography, English Language summaries in English at the rear. Very Good. Item #54659

In Hebrew. Introduction, "Survival of a Societally Involved and Committed Utopia: The Kibbutz Movement in Historical and Sociological Persepctive" by Shur. Articles are "From 'Hever Hakvutsot' to 'Ihud Hakvutsot Vehakibbutzim,'" Baruch Ben-Avram, "The Formation of the Kibbutz Artzi - Reasons and Motives," Moshe Chizik, "Ein Harod/ The Kibbutz Mehad: Continuity and Change," Henry Near, "On th Formation of the Religious Kibbutz Movement," Aryeh Fishman, "Behavioral Aspects in the Historical Development of the Kibbutz," Josef Lanir, "Some Observation on the Historical Changes i the Structure of Kibbutzim," S. N. Einsestadt, "The Survival of a Social Innovation: The Case of the Commune and the Kibbutz," Amitai Niv, "The Demographic Development of a Pioneer Society: The Kibbutz as a Non-Retirement Society," Amir Helman and Michael Sonis, "The Absorption of Non-Meovemnt Joiner in the Kibbutz Artzi," Eliott Orhan, "After Seven Years - Changes in the Perceptions and Attitudes of Kibbutz-Born Members and their Causes," Menahem Rosner and Alexander Avnat, "An Economic Model for the Kibbutz (Historical Perspective and Actual Considerations)," Dov Peleg, "The Kibbutrz Between 'Center' and 'Periphery,'" Yitzhak Ben-David, "A Charismatic 'Periphery' After an Upheaval at the 'Center': The Case of the Kibbutz," Shur, "Parents and Peers at Adolecence in the Kibbutz," Menahem Gerson and Lotta Ramot, "Organizational Structure, Demographic Background and Subjective Role Streee in the Kibbutz Industry," Amir Sheftel and Arie Shomron, "Autonomy of the 'Technoistructure': A Case Study of a Regional Inter-Kibbutz Organization," Reuven Shapira, "The Nurse in the Kibbutz," Michal Palgi, "Kibbutzim and Development Towns - An Experiment in Cooperation," Yitshak Ben-David, "Ideological Foundation of the Various Kibbutz Federations," "Menahem: On A.D. Gordon (A Lecture in 1929)."

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