Ha-Kibuts: Bama ben-tehomot la-heker ha-hevrah ha-kibutsit 3-4 The Kibbutz: Interdisciplinary Reseach Review 3-4. Special Issue: Equality of the Sexes in the Kibbutz.

Tel Aviv: Higher Education and Research Authority of the Federation of Kibbutz Movements, 1976. Softbound. Octavo, paper covers, 382 pp., tables, notes, bibliography, English Language summaries in English at the rear. Very Good. Item #54657

In Hebrew. Introduction, "Equality of the Sexes in the Kibutz - 'Test-Case' or 'De-bunked Legend'?" by Shur. Articles are "Women in the Kibbutz (Conclusions)," Lionel Tiger and Joseph Shepher, "Equality of the Sexes and Familistic Trends in the Kibbutz," Menahem Gerson, "Kibbutz and Social Sex Roles," Judith Agassi-Buber, "A Questionable Prescript for Criticism," Shepher, "Social Change and Sex Role Inertia: The Case of the Kibbutz," Martha S. Mednick, "The Work Sphere in the Psychological Life-Space of Kibbutz Women," Uri Leviatan, "The Effect of Kibbutz Children's Age and Sex on Performance in the Raven Progressive Matrices Text," Michael Nathan and Aliza Schnabl, "Six Differenials in the Kibbutz," Michal Palgi, "Selected Opinions and Resolutions Concerning Sex-Equality in the Kvutzah and the Kibbutz (1910-1976)," Shur, ed., "Equality of the Sexes in the Kibbutz -Retreat or Reinterpretation," Menahem Rosner and Michal Palgi, "The Kibbutz and theIsraeli Nation Building: The Problem of Periodization," Shur, "To the Periodization Problem of the History of the Kibbutz Movement," Daniel Ben-Nahum, "Founding Periodization Mainly on Ideological Development - A New Return to Hegel?" Shur, "The Kibbutz in the Teachings of Martin Buber," Shalom Liker, "Economic Success, Equality and Central Intervention in the Kibbutz Sector," Yaakov Goldschmidt and Leon Sha'ashua, "The Industrialization of the Kibbutzim as a Diffusionary Process," Yoram Bar-Gal, "The Kibbutz Haggadah," Hanah Herzog, "Kibbutz Children's Attitude towards the Aged," David Atar, "Conclusions of the Federation of the Kibbutz Movement Concerning Social and Economic Matters in the State and in the Kibbutzim - 1976."

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